Hardware Masters is serious business ...

Hardware Masters is serious business …

hwb.pngWhen I talk about the Hardware Masters league, I always end up having the following mental image: a single overclocker benching ’till 3AM in his dark, cold basement just finishing his 32th cup of coffee and only focusing on his own scores and points. In reality, however, it seems that the Hardware Masters league has become a real competition rather than just a list of those who have benched the most hardware. As an example, let me show you the ranking as of this morning.

What’s going on in the top-20

First of all, in this overview we are indeed missing Austrian overclocker Turrican, our Hardware King, but for argument’s sake let’s assume he’s so far in the lead that, at the moment, he’s not in any tight battle with another overclocker to guard his title. Within the top-20 of the Hardware Masters league there are 4 battles going on, of which the most interesting one probably the battle for place 2. S_A_V, who recently broke 7GHz on AMD, alibabar, our GPU king and Matti_OC are placed within 40 points of each other. In terms of hardware points, 40 is not that much of an issue … at least, not for these overclockers.

The second battle is between Bwanasoft and Jabski. The latter one has been pushing the entire Core 2 Duo series in PCMark05 as described in an earlier news post. Shivabel and Veld are having an argument over who is entitled to have the last spot in the top-10 and four (!) overclockers are currently in battle for place 12: Barton, Lex_, 12 and Skydec. I’m sure that over the next couple of weeks, the ranking will change quite a bit.

This, only to illustrate that although our Overclockers League is the main feature (ranking overclockers based on global points and limited hardware points), this does not mean that it’s the only place where serious overclocking takes place. Within each hardware category, there’s always competition going on: whether it is in the top-20 of 3DMark03 or in the obscure SuperPI 1M of the Pentium 3 800MHz.

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