The Reason of Being – Indonesia Closes off HWBOT World Tour 2016

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Belgium Massman says:



Indonesia fatorthin says:

Thanks pieter, nice article :)

Indonesia revOC says:

thanks a lot pieter, its a very inspiring article!

Indonesia speed.fastest says:

Thanks a lot for the nice event! I just want to step further after this ;)

Indonesia placid says:

Thank you for put my picture at first ^_^

Belgium Massman says:

placid said: Thank you for put my picture at first ^_^

I had no idea, haha. You're still around too!

Indonesia bennylodewijk says:

Very very nice article Pieter, it was a long and deep discussion about the whole community and how to make it better and better. See u again soon !

Australia Dinos22 says:

Indonesians are very passionate, we could all learn from them! Good stuff guys :)

United States Strong Island says:

really interesting article

United States Strong Island says:

Also you guys got some girls to join in and bench, so you must be doing something right, haha

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