!! Important: Wprime automatic submission has been disabled !!

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!! Important: Wprime automatic submission has been disabled !!

screenshot_81.png As many users experienced problems using the online submission system of Wprime and HWBOT will not be able to either fix the current issues, such as the incapability to provide correct system information, the automatic submission feature of Wprime has been disabled.

From this point, a screenshot is necessary to complete the Wprime 32M or Wprime 1024M submission form. Although we will be fixing the submission feature that sends data such as score and CPU information, the score will have to be accompanied by a screenshot containing the requirements as they are today:

  • Full Wprime 1.55 benchmark application, including the result
  • CPU-Z CPU information tab
  • CPU-Z Memory information tab.

The general rules, benchmark-specific rules and submission form has been updated.

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