Overclocking at Computex 2016: Covert Overclocking with GIGABYTE

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Overclocking at Computex 2016: Covert Overclocking with GIGABYTE

GIGABYTE have long been involved with the world of Overclocking. The company was an early pioneer when it came to hosting overclocking contests; the inaugural Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship, or GO OC, took place in September 2008 and involved worldwide qualifying rounds to make it one of the first truly international OC contests. GIGABYTE also developed the first motherboard designed by an overclocker for overclockers with the launch of the X58A-OC board. Designed by OC legend and in-house overclocker HiCookie, the board was a huge hit with extreme overclockers and set the standard for OC specific motherboard design.

Fast forward to Computex 2016 and find GIGABYTE taking a very considered approach to Overclocking that demonstrates that the company still has what it takes to win in the race for ultimate performance. The creation of the GIGABYTE OC Lab at the company’s HQ in Taipei provided the ideal space for overclockers to get together and and get down to some seriously extreme overclocking. GIGABYTE is also pioneering the concept of an overclocking invitational event where leading overclockers get the chance to bench alongside in-house overclockers HiCookie and Sofos1990. Dubbed the ‘Secret OC’, it has provided GIGABYTE with several reasons to be happy.


Secret OC: A Covert Overclocking Invitational

At Computex 2016, GIGABYTE used their OC lab to great effect inviting several of the scene’s top players to help hunt down some World Record submissions armed with the latest and greatest Intel Extreme Edition chip – the deca-core Core i7 6950X. Visitors invited to join HiCookie and Sofos1990 included Team AU members led by Dinos22 alongside Youngpro and SniperOz, who were joined by South Africa’s No.2 Vivi, plus US No.2 Steponz.(link: http://www.gigabyte.com/press-center/news-page.aspx?nid=1439)

The gang set the immediately set the scene with a series of legacy 3D benchmark World Records a day before Computex 2016 had even begun. Team AU in particular were in a rabid mood, taking down Dancop’s 3DMark06 record, plus World Records for 3DMark05, 3DMark2001, Aquamark and Unigine Heaven Xtreme. The benching session was epitomized by this short slow-motion video which shows the moment the gang toppled the 3DMark06 World Record – kind of sums up the joys of overclocking in about 15 seconds.


With the launch and expiration of the Intel Broadwell-E NDA, GIGABYTE also proved that they could flex their OC muscles using the new Core i7 6950X processor. Submitting as sofos1990 the team broke several Global 1st Place rankings scores in 2D benching including HWBOT Prime, wPrime 32M, wPrime 1024M and an XTU World Record.

Benching on the G.SKILL OC World Record Stage

The GIGABYTE Team also turned up for a turn at the G.SKILL OC World Record Stage contest which hosted in-house overclockers each day with the exclusive aim of breaking records. The GIGABYTE boys did not disappoint with the team bringing home four Global 1st Place rankings and two World Records including Unigine Heaven and 3DMark05.


The performance of Dinos, sofos and the rest of the team shows that in the arena of extreme overclocking GIGABYTE and their motherboards can compete with the best. All benching throughout the week used two specialized motherboards that carry the SOC (Super Overclock) brand, the Z170X-SOC Force LN2 and the X99-SOC Champion.

One other feather in the OC cap for GIGABYTE during Computex that should not be overlooked is the fact that a GIGABYTE X99-SOC Champion was also the motherboard that won the HWBOT World Series Asia contest. World No.2 Xtreme Addict won his ticket to the finals of the contest benching on GIGABYTE’s top-end socket 2011 board, which he then took with him to the final shootout against Hazzan. The board proved to be as much a winner as the mercurial Pole, help XA claim the 1st place and a spot in the World Championship Finals at the end of the year.


GIGABYTE Keeps Pushing

Many overclockers will remain disappointed that GIGABYTE no longer host their annual GO OC live contest and may rue a general lack of Overclocking activities throughout this year. The hard work and dedication of Team AU and other guest overclockers however, underlines a commitment to continue challenging at the bleeding edge of the game.

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