Overclocking at Computex 2016: G.SKILL

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Overclocking at Computex 2016: G.SKILL

G.SKILL Booth at computex

Today we want to take a look at last week’s Computex 2016 event from the context of overclocking, putting memory vendor G.SKILL under the microscope in terms of how the company integrated with overclockers and overclocking during the week-long event here in Taipei, Taiwan.

There is little doubt that G.SKILL has established themselves as the overclockers brand of choice for the last few years, a monumental feat that G.SKILL are keen to maintain in the coming years ahead. How have they arrived in such a lofty position? We had a chance to sit down with Product Marketing Manager Frank Hung, who told us it’s all about delivering the best product possible so that enthusiasts and overclockers get the message loud and clear – G.SKILL is No1. for performance in both DDR3 and DDR4 memory.

The connection with overclocking is one that validates these claims. G.SKILL know that there is no better way to demonstrate leadership than by getting overclockers to push their memory kits as hard as possible. World record memory frequencies might get headlines in the media, mainly because simple frequencies are easy to equate and digest – this company’s DDR4 can operate stably at higher frequencies than another’s – but it’s actually a much broader strategy where overclockers know they have G.SKILL in their corner.

Frank explained how much of the work done by G.SKILL is done behind the scenes, working at the IC level to ensure accurate binning while also working side by side with motherboard vendors to ensure compatibility across all platforms, chipsets and product ranges. Optimal performance with a new platform is essential, so it’s with huge pride that Frank explains the hard work involved with becoming the first DDR4 vendor to achieve XMP validation for Intel’s new Broadwell-E platform.

But it’s all just about the product. The company also strives to directly engage with the OC community and it’s biggest stars. In terms of Extreme Overclocking at Computex 2016, G.SKILL once again hosted two of the event’s most exciting contests at their booth; the Word Record Stage and the G.SKILL OC World Cup, both of which being held at the G.SKILL booth at Computex for the fifth year running.

The G.SKILL World Record Stage

The World Record Stage saw in-house overclockers from ASUS, GIGABYTE, EVGA, ASRock and MSI being invited each day to bench alongside G.SKILL’s own overclocking talent in an effort to break as many World Records as possible. The event basically means that at any time on any given day during the show, you could find some the OC scene’s most respected overclockers pushing hardware to the limit on liquid nitrogen.

Here’s a shot of team GIGABYTE which includes Aussie’s YoungPro, SniperOz, Dinos22 and Greek in-house overclocker Sofos1990 who collectively contributed two World records and four Global 1st Places.

G.SKILL Booth at computex

As you would expect G.SKILL are not shy about promoting the records achieved on the World Record Stage. This year five World Records were broken at the G.SKILL booth, plus an additional seven Global 1st places. The most significant World Record however was made by Splave who pushed way past the 5GHz barrier that was broken by toppc just days before, to submit a DDR4 memory clock frequency of DDR4-5189 (2594.6 MHz), a record that still stands today.

The G.SKILL OC World Cup 2016

The fifth edition of the G.SKILL OC World Cup featured a live, three-day qualification round where online qualifiers competed across five benchmarks. The climax of the contest was a final day face-off between the highest scoring overclockers of the week with a very attractive top prize of $10,000 up for grabs.

The five overclockers who qualified for the event included several of the scene’s household names; Dancop (Germany), Splave (US), Lucky_n00b (Indonesia), Alex@ro (Romania), Hazzan (Indonesia) and Wizerty (France). These guys went head to head for three days on Intel’s Z170 platform using exclusively G.SKILL memory.

After three days of intense OC action, it all came down to a 1v1 contest between US No.1 Splave and Germany’s Dancop, the current World No.1. Splave eventually won the top prize with beating Dancop in Stage 1 with a memory frequency of 2,398.8Mhz and Stage 3 were a Geekbench3 (Single Core) score of 6,072 points. (link: http://www.gskill.com/en/press/view/g-skill-oc-world-cup-2016-winners-announcement)

G.SKILL Booth at computex
(Splave competing with Dancop as match officiator Hiwa looks on)

Delivering the Performance and the Product

Breaking memory frequency records is a clear and simple way to illustrate performance and leadership to the enthusiast PC market. It underlines the enormous hard work that goes into producing memory kits that overclockers will recommend to other power users and PC builders.

G.SKILL are also leading the way in bringing great performance to higher capacity memory kits. The company offers kits with capacities of up to 128GB that are rated to perform at frequencies of 3200MHz (CL14). These kits are increasingly important to users working with Virtual Machines and other memory intensive applications were large capacities at high performance frequencies mean a huge difference in productivity.

Most of us have no need for high speed, quad-channel 128GB memory kits, nor are there too many everyday applications that warrant overclocking your DDR4 anywhere near the 5GHz barrier. Regardless, G.SKILL are very much aware of the feedback loop that exists between extreme and the mainstream users. Becoming and remaining the world’s most overclocked memory vendor is a feat that garners the respect of enthusiasts everywhere.

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