HWBOT Announces Rules and Structure of World Series Asia Contest at Computex 2016

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Belgium Massman says:

Official Rules are up!

Romania Alex@ro says:

Not bad Massman,no words on freestyle? Will we have kb/mouse/psu/monitor/ln2 etc as freestyle ?

Belgium Massman says:

Yep, all is provides too. Basically freestyle = World Series rules, just not participating in the qualifier and free to run whatever benchmark. Note: we have a surprise competition coming up for those who want to really pit the new Zadak kits to the max :)

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

1) Please correct me if my understanding of the World Series rule was mistaken down here.

To join the World Series QUALIFIER, we:

- MUST use CPU Provided by HWBOT (Next-Gen Intel Extreme Series?)
- CAN use motherboard provided by HWBOT, or
- CAN use our OWN motherboard as long as it is retail + using retail BIOS
- MUST bring our own 2D VGA

What about Memory, SSD+OS and PSU for the Qualifier, are we allowed to bring our own for these ?Or We MUST use HWBOT-provided Memory, SSD+ OS and PSU as well?

2) On the World Series 1v1 face-off at the end of the day, I assume we MUST use every component provided by HWBOT, correct? ( All of it - CPU, M/b, RAM, VGA, SSD, etc. )

Thanks :)

Belgium Massman says:

1) Memory, SSD + OS and PSU are all provided and must be used for the qualifier as well. 2) Correct - the hardware is provided as well.

Sweden Rauf says:

What OS will it be? Can we use own tweaking software on usb-drive? Can we use imaging tools to save image and recover if we tweak too hard or OS gets corrupt?

Italy RULE says:

In my opinion OS should be free, everyone can use their own.

Australia zeropluszero says:

More importantly, can I image everyone else's os for my personal use? Thanks guys.

Australia FatBoyNotSoSlim says:

How much you selling passports for? I know a guy...

Belgium Massman says:

[MENTION=19289]Christian Ney[/MENTION] for contest rule details


Australia zeropluszero says:

B die was all you had to say.

Sweden Rauf says:

That's B-die right? "5WB" Means B-die if I remember correctly...

Australia zeropluszero says:

Its the B on the end pretty sure.

Belgium leeghoofd says:

can the IMC handle these :p

For the SSDs I think its most fair for everyone that we use the same OS... but who am I :p

FlanK3r says:

will be online stream?:)

Australia zeropluszero says:

Will my kangaroo kompatriots back home be able to cheer me on and troll newbies in webchat?

cc: [MENTION=31491]newlife[/MENTION] [MENTION=700]sskmercer[/MENTION] [MENTION=48712]KaRtA[/MENTION]

Australia KaRtA says:

[MENTION=27028]zeropluszero[/MENTION] exchange passport for 6.6ghz 6700k I'll apply for one now for you to use in the exchange.

Australia zeropluszero says:

You mean 6.9

Australia newlife says:

zeropluszero said: Will my kangaroo kompatriots back home be able to cheer me on and troll newbies in webchat?

cc: [MENTION=31491]newlife[/MENTION] [MENTION=700]sskmercer[/MENTION] [MENTION=48712]KaRtA[/MENTION]

We can surely try

Australia KaRtA says:

Heck, I'm an enthusiast. 5.3 air XTU will suffice.

Australia zeropluszero says:

Yeh I dont think thats happening on these chips lol

Belgium Massman says:

flanker said: will be online stream?:)


Sweden Rauf says:

I only have european torch head. I bought an adapter, which I got yesterday but it was unfortunately for using with us/asian standard torch head and eu gas, not the other way around. So... Anyone have a spare torch head or knows where to buy one in Taipei?

Australia zeropluszero says:

FBNSS and I are each bringing heads, I'm happy to share my torch. It'll just sit on the table with me. I'm assuming we're grouped together and can reach out for stuff.

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