Russia wins HWBOT Country Cup 2009, Stage 1 !!

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Russia wins HWBOT Country Cup 2009, Stage 1 !!

screen-shot-2009-10-25-at-014053thumbnail1.png7 days have passed, 6 weeks left to go in the first edition of HWBOT’s own Country Cup. Before we have a look at some details of the first stage, we need to congratulate the three overclockers from Russia who helped their country to the first place in the Core 2 Quad SuperPI 1M stage. Lendy, oDDiTy and Loco23 managed to score an average of 9.13s, which is very impressive!

Further down the ranking, we also have to congratulate the Romanian team which has an average of only 0.06s higher and Iran, also within a 0.1s margin of the winners. Also, Team USA deserves a lot of credit as they held on to the first spot for quite some time!

Stage 1 – User statistics

1. Most active user.

8 – antonioman86
5 – HellfireZA
4 – Matose

Most active user was Antonioman86, submitting 8 results to this first stage of the Country Cup, in an attempt to support his country: Italy. Next to that, HellfireZA and matose both did a great effort trying to decrease their 1M time to manage a better average. For Romanian matose, this worked out perfectly as they ended second, for HellfireZA a bit less perfect as South-Africa ends up at place 10.

2. Most active country.
11 – Brazil
9 – Romania
9 – Italy
9 – Iran

With 11 submissions, Brazil did better than most other countries in terms of number of submissions. Lucky for them, the effort they put into this first stage payed of as Brazil ends as 6th, which is just one place better than Italy as they finish 7th. This is a fine display how quantity of results doesn’t always lead to victory. In this competition, you need both quantity and quality results.

3. Most active HWBOT team.
9 –
9 – ShahrSakhtafzar Iran
8 – XtremeSystems
8 – OC Team
8 – [OverBR] Team Brazil

Four of the above five teams are based on forums at which people speak their native language; only XtremeSystems is a more international-minded forum; Not that the 8 submissinos of are all Antonioman86’s!

Stage 1 – Score statistics

1. Score quality.

For those who are familiar with the ‘Performance Product’-concept, underneath two graphs of the PP-spread of both Kentsfield and Yorkfield scores.

kents.png wolfdale-efficiency.png
(Click to zoom)
2. World records.

  • 04/11/2009 22:00 | Jor3llBR/Elano breaks Core 2 Q9650 world record – LINK
  • 05/11/2009 05:26 | ViViD breaks Core 2 Q9400 world record – LINK
  • 06/11/2009 10:13 | hoss331 breaks Core 2 Q9650 world record – LINK
  • 07/11/2009 09:03 | hoss331 breaks Core 2 Q9650 world record – LINK
  • 07/11/2009 21:10 | kriminaalid breaks Core 2 Q9550 world record – LINK
  • 10/11/2009 16:27 | PcCI2iminal breaks Core 2 Q9650 world record – LINK
  • 11/11/2009 15:02 | Lendy breaks Core 2 Q9650 world record – LINK
  • 11/11/2009 17:22 | Loco23 breaks Core 2 Q9650 world record – LINK

3. Cups and medals.

goldLoco23 (Q9650), kriminaalid (Q9550) and ViViD (Q9400)
silverLendy (Q9650) and gugle (Q9550)
bronzeHoss331 (Q9650) and ViViD (Q9550)
medalPcCI2iminal (Q9650), Extreme (Q9650), OCMARTZ (Q9550) and KamilGrzbiecik (Q9550)

Stage 1 – Product statistics

1. Most used CPU.

51 – Core 2 Q9650 (3Ghz)
40 – Core 2 Q9550 (2.83Ghz)
35 – Core 2 Q6600 (2.4Ghz)

Not surprisingly the Q9650, being the most high-end non-extreme Core 2 Quad, has been most popular for this first stage as the higher multiplier serves overclockers well in the 1M benchmark. Quite surprisingly, we see the Q6600 pop up again … surprisingly because this model has been released years ago in January 2007!

2. Most popular motherboard.
22 – Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
13 – Asus P5Q-E
9 – Asus Rampage Extreme
8 – Asus Maximus II Formula
7 – Biostar TPower I45

The overclockers in this first stage clearly opted for the Gigabyte P45 motherboard when looking to maximize the FSB frequency using a quadcore processor. The P5Q-E comes in second with a small lead over the Rampage Extreme, also an Asus product.

3. Best performing motherboard.
9.09 – Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P
9.16 – Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3R
9.16 – Biostar TP45 HP
9.17 – Biostar TPower I45
9.17 – Gigabyte GA-EP45-Extreme
9.56 – Asus Rampage Extreme

With 3 products in the top-5, it seems that Gigabyte does quite well for FSB overclocking, although Biostar comes quite close with it’s TP45 HP and TPower I45 samples. This time, we also included the 6th of the ranking only to show you the great margin between the top-5 and the rest of the pack.

4. Most popular chipset.
86 – Intel P45
15 – Intel X48
12 – Intel P35
6 – nVidia nForce 680i SLI
5 – Intel X38
1 – Via PT880 Ultra

Not surprisingly, the Intel P45 is the most used chipset for this first round of the HWBOT Country Cup 2009. What is hard to get my head around, however, is why one person has tried the PT880 Ultra chipset, though!

5. Most popular manufacturer.
60 – Asus
40 – Gigabyte
11 – Biostar

In despite of being less (and much less) popular than Asus, Gigabyte and Biostar manage to outscore any Asus product by quite a margin. Popularity doesn’t equal performance?

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