MSI GAMING Renews Partnership with HWBOT

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MSI GAMING Renews Partnership with HWBOT

The world of Overclocking would be a radically different place without the support of the technology industry of Taiwan. Motherboard and graphics vendors are of course huge in this respect, over the years becoming key partners in so many overclocking ventures including online and live events, support for professional league players and crucially, invaluable support to HWBOT as an organization.

One major contributor in terms of support for Overclocking in the last decade or so has been MSI GAMING, a company that we are delighted to announce have just renewed their partnership with HWBOT.

MSI GAMING has played a central role in supporting overclocking in many respects. They not only sponsor major annual overclocking events like MOA (Master Overclocking Arena) but more recently they have been fundamental in galvanising the genuine and often overlooked link between PC gaming and overclocking.

In the last year or so there has been a massive surge in the amount of marketing targeted specifically at PC gamers. Today consumers can find almost entire product lines dubbed as ‘Gaming’ products. Traditional gaming products such as keyboards, mice and headsets have been joined by dozens of motherboards, chassis, power supplies and even accessories such as USB sticks. The effort to satisfy PC gamers in virtually every aspect of the gaming experience has led to a saturated industry mindset that has at times resulted in largely vacuous marketing campaigns where anything with LED lights becomes a ‘gaming’ product.

MSI GAMING have taken a considered approach in attracting PC gamers to their products and it goes far deeper than simply using red and black color schemes. They realise that as a hardware company that wants to impress gamers, engagement with overclockers and the overclocking community arms them with a powerful message that the product not only looks good, it also performs extremely well. While most gamers are not as technical as overclockers, there is no doubt that they care as much about having solid performance as they do about aesthetics. A flash looking sports that car that lacks horsepower under the hood is not an attractive proposition. Likewise a PC with flashing RGB LEDs must to be able to perform.

If you need further evidence of MSI GAMING joining the dots between PC gaming and overclocking, look no further than their involvement with the HWBOT World Tour few weeks ago. MSI GAMING partnered HWBOT in two ways. Firstly by branding the World Series contest as the MSI MOA 2016 Qualifier where Elite and Extreme overclockers battled for cash prizes and the right to compete in the HWBOT World Championship at the end of the year. Secondly, they sponsored the OC workshops were complete newcomers were given their first taste of overclocking. Branded the MSI OC Academy, these workshops proved to be popular on an unprecedented level with more than 180 amateurs participating, the vast majority of whom went on submit a score in the World Series for Amateurs contest where MSI GAMING also contributed prizes.

In terms of engagement and interaction, the MSI Academy set a benchmark for future World Tour events. Here’s a quote from Christopher Besse, Community Marketing Manager at MSI GAMING, better known to us on HWBOT as Pepinorang:

“Our involvement with the HWBOT World Tour proved to be a fantastic opportunity for MSI GAMING to engage with PC enthusiasts, gamers and of course, the next generation of overclockers,” said Christopher Besse, Community Marketing Manager, MSI GAMING. “It was great to see so many overclockers, both amateur and extreme, benching on MSI motherboards, a testimony to our engineering strengths as a company.”

It’s great to work with a company that fully understands the benefits that the overclocking community can bring to the enthusiast PC segment and of course to PC gamers. It’s also great to know that the partnership will continue for the immediate future.

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