Overclocker in Focus: TengLiang Ng "Coolice" Interview

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Overclocker in Focus: TengLiang Ng “Coolice” Interview

Author: Sdougal

Today’s Overclocker in Focus interviewee is Coolice, the current No.2 in Malaysia and an overclocker who is now employed in the R&D department of ASUS. We had a chance to chat with him about Overclocking and his involvement with the enthusiast PC industry.

The Interview Transcript

wizerty overclocking

HWBOT: Hi TL. Please go ahead and introduce yourself.

Coolice: I’m TL, I’m currently working at ASUS as an R&D. My name on HWBOT is coolice and I’m Malaysian.

HWBOT: What is your educational background?

Coolice: I graduated doing Computer science in my university.

HWBOT: When did you start overclocking?

Coolice: I’ve been overclocking since eleven years ago. I find it was quite fun back in the day. When you are young you don’t have enough money to buy the high-end stuff, right? So, yeah.

HWBOT: What has been your greatest achievement?

Coolice: I would say the best I have done is being involved in the (ASUS) OC Socket. Because usually I work for ASUS as a technical market (officer), and I changed department to R&D. My first project was X79, so the OC Socket was the first thing that we were very proud of on the X99 platform so yeah I would say that was my best one.

HWBOT: How do you see the overclocking scene today?

Coolice: The difference from the past and nowadays is that the hardware is getting expensive and I would say Intel is kind of limiting our overclocking stuff. Very limited for us, what can we do and what enthusiasts can do

HWBOT: Where do you see overclocking in five years from now?

Coolice: Hmm.. I have no idea. I would say Intel is limiting our Overclocking stuff so I guess more from what I see now?

HWBOT: Your advice to someone just getting started?

Coolice: My advice for the Rookie would be to be patient about looking for the best settings. You will eventually find very good performance from the hardware.

HWBOT: What do you think of Taiwan?

Coolice: The food is good. The living is good and I like winters.

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