Matchai Wins World Series 2016 North America Contest at LanETS

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Matchai Wins World Series 2016 North America Contest at LanETS

The HWBOT World Tour made its fourth stop of the year last weekend, landing at LanETS in Montreal Canada where thousands of gamers came together for the largest PC and console gaming event on the North American continent. The weekend also saw plenty of competitive overclocking action, including the World Series for Amateurs which was eventually won by Matchai with olivierapex coming in second place. Let’s have a look at how it all panned out in a little more detail.

The World Series 2016 North America Contest for Amateurs

HWBOT’s mission of course was to a) expose eager PC gamers to the art of PC overclocking, b) to run both amateur and extreme World Series OC contests and c) allow Canadian and US overclockers space and time to socialize, share and generally just have a good time. One of the most crucial elements of the World Tour is to allow amateurs, or indeed complete OC newbies to get a taste of what overclocking is all about and then give them time to compete against each other in the World Series for Amateurs contest.

The HWBOT team landed in Canada, and thanks to key partners like ASUS, Intel, Seasonic, Streacom and local supplier Microbite, we managed to set up an OC Workshop area where seasoned pros like Christian Ney and others could give quick tutorials on the basic skills of overclocking. Each of the systems contained an Intel Core i7 6700K processor, an ASUS Z170-A motherboard, DDR4 memory plus a Seasonic P-760 PSU – all mounted on a Streacom Open Benchtable (co-developed by HWBOT, OverClocking TV and Streacom).


Each amateur, having learned the ropes of tweaking a system using the user-friendly Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU), was then invited to use their newly acquired skills to try and hit the highest score possible within a 15 minute window. All scores were then submitted to the OC-ESPORTS contest page. These scores ostensibly became the qualification round for the World Series for Amateurs with the top four submission makers eligible to compete in the semi-finals.

Here is the World Series for Amateurs leaderboard after the OC workshops had come to a halt on the first day of the event:


A total of forty amateurs made a submission on OC-ESPORTS, with every entry made, not surprisingly, by a Canadian. What’s interesting is that even the lowest score submitted was made using a rig pushed to 4,700MHz (+17.50%), meaning that all who took part actually managed to overclock their system by at least this much.

The winning submission however was made by bergilicious who scored 1,468 points with his i7 6700K pushed to 4,730MHz (+18.25%), marginally ahead of matchai and RudolphCSGO, both tied on 1,455 points and olivierapex on 1,444. Each of these four newcomers made it to the semi-final stage.

Check out the contest page on the OC-ESPORTS site for more details:!/round/ws16_na_amateur_q

Semi-Final One: matchai vs RudolphCSGO

The matchup in the first semi-final involved 2nd place and 3rd place finishers with matchai vs RudolphCSGO going head to head in two 15 minute sessions, switching rigs half way through to ensure equal chances on both CPUs. This was expected to be a really tight affair as they both actually achieved the exact same score of 1,455 points in the qualification round.

The early running saw some quite aggressive overclocking happening with frequencies and voltages being ramped up quite a bit in the first five mins or so, a situation that resulted in several unwanted BSODs. However, after around seven minutes we had matchai on 1,422 points and RudolpCSGO hitting 1,408 points. At the halfway point matchai had 1,442 points and RudolphCSGO had 1,431 points – advantage matchai.


Having switched systems, both rigs were first reset back to default settings with OC profiles deleted. The two Canadian overclockers then set about trying their best to score as highly as possible once again. At the end of the second session matchai had almost equaled his personal best from the qualification round with a score of 1,444 points while RudolphCSGO could not find a way to advance beyond 1,431 points. That meant that Matchai had a total of 2886 points and was now ready to compete in the final.

Catch all of the action from semi-final one on the OC-TV YouTube channel with great commentary as always from legends Trouff and Leeghoofd:

Semi-Final Two: bergilicious vs. olivierapex

The top dog from the qualifiers, bergilicious faced fourth placed olivierapex in the second semi-final, perhaps placing a touch more pressure on the bergilicious who would be aiming to repeat his score of 1,468 points from the qualification round. After just a few minutes it was possible to see that olivierapex’s rig was beginning to experience thermal throttling at 4,70MHz pushing a 1.5 core voltage.


However with just four and a half minutes left on the clock for the first leg, olivierapex had stolen a march on his competitor to hit 1,437 points compared to bergilicious now behind on 1,434 points.

With just a minute or so left on the clock, olivierapex had found a way to extend his lead, hitting a very impressive 1,466 points. After switching setups for the second fifteen minute session, both overclockers tried in vain to edge their systems further, but at the end of the session, olivierapex’s 1,466 points score made all the difference, joining his second leg score of 1,433 points to form a winning total of 2,899 points.

You can relive semi-final two with this video here from the guys at OC-TV:

World Series North America for Amateurs Final: matchai vs. oliverapex

The final of the World Series North America for Amateurs saw two Canadian rookie overclockers competing on XTU once more in the same format used in the semi-finals. Both overclockers flew out of the traps like greyhounds after a rabbit with scores of 1,414 points from matchai, and 1,444 from oliverapex, all within the first two minutes. No doubt they were both beginning to warm to their roles as leading Canadian Rookie Overclockers. By the end of the first half oliverapex had extended his lead to 1,450 points with matchai narrowly behind on 1,444 points.


The second half of the final kicked off again at an aggressive pace with both overclockers hitting good scores straight from the off. Matchai however managed to pull off a score of 1,466 points after just three and a half minutes, matching the highest score of the day and earning a total score of 2,910 points. This pushed him just a nudge beyond oliverapex who was running with a total of 2,867 points. At the end of the contest oliverapex was in fact unable to push past his opponent, ending up with a score of 2,878 points.


Of course you can watch the final in full thanks to the coverage from OC-TV:

World Series North America for Amateurs: Prizes

Thanks to the HWBOT World Tour partners the three top amateurs walked away with some pretty awesome prizes.


1st Place:

  • ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero motherboard
  • Seasonic P-760 PSU
  • G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 Memory Kit
  • Streacom BC1 Benchtable

2nd Place:

  • ASUS ROG Maximus VIII Hero motherboard
  • Seasonic P-760 PSU
  • Streacom BC1 Benchtable

3rd Place:

  • G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 Memory Kit

Finally, you can also catch the amateur and extreme award ceremony on the OverClocking TV YouTube channel:

Belgium Massman says:

Congratulations! :celebration:

Canada soufleuse says:

finished 11th tie with 10th !! didn't say my last word getting my first rig this week :D

Canada matchai says:

Thanks Massman!

It was a blast learning about OCing. Looking forward to learning more and taking an active role in the community :)

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