International Overclocking Championship

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International Overclocking Championship

The Austrian overclocking team from Overclockers.AT, named not surprisingly Overclocking Team Austria, and a local Austrian hardware shop named DiTech are proud to announce Austria’s first International Overclocking Championship.

This gathering of international overclockers takes places in the head university of Vienna on November the 7th, starting right after sunset at 04:30PM local time. Overclocks from 8 different European countries will compete in two different benchmarks: SuperPI 1M and 3DMark Vantage; the first stage against each other, the latter on against the rest of the world.

The following teams have been invited to Austria to show their overclocking skills at the International Overclocking Competition:

The following hardware will be used during the competition:

  1. SuperPI 1M

    The winner of the SuperPI 1M round will recieved a prize of an amazing €5000!

  2. 3DMark Vantage: Performance
    • Components will be brought by the contestants

    All teams will be aiming to break the current world record in 3DMark Vantage; whoever breaks that World Record will take a cheque of €2000 back home!

The organisers invite everyone to come to Vienna and have a look at the event, but if you can’t make it (as most of us probably) you can watch the event live at the following URL:

For more information about this event (in German!):