Estep Wins MSI OC Academy at HWBOT World Tour 2016 at Gamers Assembly, France

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Estep Wins MSI OC Academy at HWBOT World Tour 2016 at Gamers Assembly, France

The HWBOT World Tour 2016 made its third stop of the year at Gamers Assembly in Poitiers, France last weekend. As with previous World Tour visits to S.Africa and Brazil earlier this year, the event involved holding workshops and overclocking competitions for amateur players as well as some serious extreme overclocking with a place the World Championship Final at stake. But along with extreme overclocking, the best amateurs of the event were also invited to take part in the HWBOT Amateur World Series contest. Before we go any further, congrats to eventual winner Estep who is who can now refer to himself as the Amateur World Series Champion of Europe.

The MSI OC Academy Sees Record Amateur Attendance

The HWBOT World Tour 2016 is a series of overclocking events held around the world throughout the year. The idea behind the event has two main motives – firstly to provide a relaxed, social environment for experienced overclockers to learn, share and compete, and secondly to help nurture the next generation of overclockers by providing open overclocking workshops where first timers can learn simple techniques that can improve their system’s performance.


The team from HWBOT had flown in carrying plenty of systems which were then laid out ready for the amateurs with hardware provided by sponsors MSI, Seasonic, Klev and Intel. Exactly 180 newbies got hands on with a guts of a PC, many for the first time with local, experienced overclockers and the HWBOT team on hand to offer advice and general OC tutelage. This is the most amateurs that have ever taken part in a HWBOT World Tour event, a phenomenon that is great to see and bodes well for the future of the sport.


The systems used at the MSI Academy included Intel Core i5 6500k processors, MSI Gaming Z170A GAMING Pro Carbon motherboards, Klevv CRAS memory and Seasonic Platinum P-760 Power Supplies. Thanks as ever to the event sponsors.

Qualification Round (March 26th – 27th):

The MSI Academy ostensibly acted as qualification rounds for the Semis and Finals. Held throughout the weekend from 10am to 8pm, amateur overclockers in attendance at Games Assembly were given the chance to show the skills they have acquired in the tutorial, given just 15 mins to run the XTU (Intel Extreme Tuning Utility) benchmark to see what kind of score they could achieve.

All scores were posted on the OC-ESPORTS site. You can check out the top ten in the table below.


To check all of the submissions from all 180 amateur overclockers, visit the OC-ESPORTS contest page here:!/round/ws16_eu_amateur_q

MSI OC Academy 2016 Europe: Semi-finals and Finals

The four best amateur overclockers were invited to compete in the semi-final round, however they in fact differ from the four at the top of the table simply because they Galniac and warper were unavailable to compete on the next day. The final line up for the semis included Pickaa, Dark05, Exmrk and Estep.

The first semi was between Pickaa and a 12 year old boy nicknamed Dark05. The contest was divided into two fifteen minute sessions with overclockers switching systems after at the end of fifteen minutes ensure a fair fight – not all CPUs are equal after all. After plenty of blue screens and CPU tweaking Pickaa narrowly beat his young competitor with a score of 2,204 compared to 2,182 points XTU.

The second semi-final saw two bearded young men fight it out with Exmrk and Estep benching XTU. After two fifteen minute sessions Estep won the round with 2,244 points, ahead of his fellow French compatriot with 2,223. Estep’s run which earned 1,127 points, the highest XTU score of the finals.

Catch full coverage of the semi-finals from OverClocking-TV:

In the Final we saw Pickaa take on Estep, using the XTU benchmark and tuning utility for very possibly the third time ever in their lives!


At the end of the Final Estep edged out the competition to generate a total score of 2,233 (not his best of the day however) whereas Pickaa claims a runner up spot with 2,225 points. Well done gentlemen!

Here’s a breakdown of the scores in full:


MSI OC Academy 2016 Europe: Prizes

Congrats to all the 180 overclockers who took part in the MSI OC Workshop over the course of the event, and especially to eventual winner Estep who could well follow in the footsteps of Orion24 and return as an Extreme overclocker next year. We can only hope. The top three of the contest also get to walk away with some very nice prizes thanks to event sponsors Seasonic, MSI, Klevv and Streacom.

1st Place:

  • Seasonic Platinum P-760 Power Supply
  • MSI Gaming Z170A GAMING Pro Carbon Motherboard
  • KLEVV CRAS Memory
  • Streacom BC1 “Special HWT 2016 Edition” Benchtable

2nd Place:

  • Seasonic Platinum P-760 Power Supply
  • MSI Gaming Z170A GAMING Pro Carbon Motherboard

3rd Place:

  • Seasonic Platinum P-760 Power Supply
  • KLEVV CRAS Memory

You can also relive the final by watching full coverage here on the OC-TV youtube channel:


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Best stall at the GA, no doubts ^^ I hope we will see you next year.

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