HWBot record breaking month: October 2009

HWBot record breaking month: October 2009

Behind the scenes of HWBOT a lot has been changing over the last couple of months. Not only did we change from a pure hobby website to a semi-professional work environment, but we have also been trying to make HWBot more attractive for overclockers and hardware enthousiasts in general by adding different new features and lay-out changes. Also, as you probably already noticed, we try to increase the amount of overclocking fun by introducing new forms of competition, for instance the introduction of chipset and motherboard pages and our first overclocking competition.

Our main objective is of course to keep you happy rather than ourselves. Of course, we can just ask if you like the new design, but maybe equally efficient would be to have a look at the Google analytics statistics of the month October, which is exactly what I did just a couple of minutes ago. As the title of this article already indicates … the statistics were pretty positive.

Visitors per month


  • HWBOT RECORD: 55,282 visits in October ’09

  • Previous best: 55,162 (September ’09) (0,22% increase)
  • Result October ’08: 35,362 (56,33% increase)

Visits per month


  • HWBOT RECORD: 138,622 visits in October ’09

  • Previous best: 132,905 (September ’09) (4,30% increase)
  • Result October ’08: 97,570 (42,07% increase)

Pageviews per month


  • HWBOT RECORD: 881,920 pageviews in October ’09

  • Previous best: 836,384 (May ’09) (5,44% increase)
  • Result October ’08: 524,597 (68,11% increase)

Average time on site per month


  • HWBOT RECORD: 7min 18s in October ’09

  • Previous best: 7min 07s (June/July ’09) (2,58% increase)
  • Result October ’08: 6min 38s (10,05% increase)

A BIG thank you to all the overclockers all over the world for supporting HWBOT!!

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