DrWeez Wins 2016 World Series Africa, Qualifies for HWBOT 2016 World Championship

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DrWeez Wins 2016 World Series Africa, Qualifies for HWBOT 2016 World Championship

The second leg of the HWBOT World Tour 2016 just concluded with South African OC legends DrWeez and Vivi going head to head in the Final during rAge in Cape Town. After a heated Final the eventual winner DrWeez now joins Brazil’s pxhx, clutching a ticket to the 2016 World Championship in Berlin at the end of the year. Vivi of course takes runner-up spot while QuantumX took third place on the podium. Let’s take a look at the World Series 2016 and how it all panned out in a little more detail.

HWBOT World Series 2016 – South Africa: Semi-Finals

In the semi-finals of the South African leg of the HWBOT World Series we see four of the most respected and feared overclockers on the continent. As anyone who follows South African Overclocking will tell you, DrWeez and Vivi are the current top two Elite players in Africa and two seasoned pros when it comes to live OC contests, a daunting environment for the uninitiated. Meanwhile QuantumX and ShockG are two of South Africa’s top Extreme overclockers, two players determined not to let the Elite guys steal the show.

Vivi vs QuantumX turned out to be pick of the two semi-final contests, going head to head on 3DMark11 Physics. Remember, unlike the qualification round which saw a 5GHz limitation, here in the semi-finals players were allowed to go all out – ramping up both the pressure and the entertainment factor. Let’s also consider that these semi-finals were fairly unique in that they used a 1v1 format not always seen in live overclocking contests. Many contests prefer to see pairs of overclockers compete, a situation that can relieve the pressure considerably. In a 1v1 situation, if a problem suddenly arises, you are on your own. It really can become a cauldron of pressure.


On the day QuantumX took an early lead thanks very possibly to his choice of a lower mass LN2 pot that facilitated a swifter descent to the sub-zero temps needed to score highly. With ten mins to go however Vivi found himself ahead with a score of 16,030 with QuantumX trailing at this stage by a good 340 points. At the end of a tense 30 minutes, Vivi edged out QuantumX with a score of 16,143 points compared to his 15,694. To be fair to QuantumX, not only was it his first time with an MSI Z170A XPOWER Gaming TE motherboard, it was apparently also his first encounter with Skylake processors on LN2. All in all, a very good showing by both overclockers.

The other semi-final proved far less of a spectacle with ShockG unfortunately having to forfeit his role in the contest, conceding his place in the final to DrWeez (who actually scored very highly in 3DMark11 Physics with a great score of 16,747 marks). This also rendered the third place play-off void with QuantumX taking third spot.

Make sure to catch the full semi-final as it was broadcast live on the OverClocking-TV YouTube channel. Trouffman is joined by seasoned Belgian OC legend Leeghoofd, bringing you full commentary of the semi-final contest as it happened: https://youtu.be/DHDwdUmgpQg

HWBOT World Series 2016 – South Africa: The Final

The climax to the Word Series 2016 contest in South Africa quite fittingly pitted the country’s No.1 Elite overclocker DrWeez, against current No.2, Vivi. As with all semi-finals and finals of the Word Series, a draw was made to decide which benchmark would be used, with each overclocker having one veto at his disposal. First out of the bag was Reference Clock, a straight up CPU Frequency dogfight that was reluctantly vetoed (after much deliberation) by DrWeez. Next up was XTU (the Intel-developed Extreme Tuning Utility) which was accepted without veto by Vivi.


In qualifying for the finals Vivi had the edge over DrWeez in the XTU stage so there were feelings that this could be repeated. However with ten minutes left on the clock DrWeez was hitting a score of 1,856 marks with Vivi behind on 1,802. Pushing his Core i7 6800k beyond 5.8Ghz, DrWeez experienced a few BSOD moments but after 30 mins his score of 1,856 prevailed, earning him first place. The win means he walked away with a ticket to the World Championship in Berlin and some pretty nice prizes too.


HWBOT World Series 2016: Prizes


Also, a big shout to our sponsors MSI, Seasonic, G.Skill and Streacom who provided some really good prizes for the top three of the Extreme World Series contest.

1st Place:

  • Ticket to HWBOT World Championship
  • Seasonic Platinum P-760 Power Supply
  • MSI Gaming Z170A XPOWER GAMING TE Motherboard
  • G.SKILL Trident-Z 2 x 4GB 3466 C16 Memory
  • Streacom BC1 “Special HWT 2016 Edition” Benchtable

2nd Place:

  • Seasonic Platinum P-760 Power Supply
  • MSI Gaming Z170A XPOWER GAMING TE Motherboard

3rd Place:

  • Seasonic Platinum P-760 Power Supply
  • G.SKILL Trident-Z 2 x 4GB 3466 C16 Memory

Don’t forget you can catch the full semi-final as it was broadcast live, again with commentary from Trouffman and Leeghoofd: https://youtu.be/ypt1qW-9d7k


You can also catch an interesting video were the guys interview DrWeez, discussing the ups and downs experienced throughout the contest and his feelings about winning a live OC contest, apparently for the first time: https://youtu.be/LG_vU_onB5U

Finally, also make sure to catch this Q&A session with DrWeez, Vivi and QuantumX on the OC Show S02E05: https://youtu.be/zIp_nZNUy3Y

Belgium Massman says:




Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Congrats. Fighting against Goddy is not easy at all :)

France Xyala says:

Congrats Andrew!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Way to go Bro!

websmile says:

Grats, Andrew, I saw the live stream and was interestig finals :)

South Africa DrWeez says:

thanks everyone. Vivi was a little unlucky making me a little lucky. great event by the team looking forward to the finals at the end of the year!

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Wuhan Survivor FTW! Congrats Andrew! :D :D

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