HWBot Country Cup 2009 microsite launched

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HWBot Country Cup 2009 microsite launched

hwbot country cup 2009The HWBOT Country Cup 2009, in which 150 competing countries battle during 7 weeks in 7 different benchmarks, has now it’s dedicated page at hwbot.org:

The first stage starts on Wednesday 4th November, 12:00 CEST: SuperPi 1M using a Quad Intel Core 2 processor. The hardware limitations are automatically published 6 days before the start of a new stage.

This is an official, annual HWBOT competition. You will not be able to defend your country until 2010, so do your best effort! The top 3 countries will each receive 3 k|ngp|ncooling LN2 pots. For more details, check the microsite.

May the best country win!

As some of you noticed, it should not be SuperPi 32M but SuperPi 1M.

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