HWBOT World Championship Final: Structure Announced

HWBOT World Championship Final: Structure Announced

HWC16-StructureIt is possible that you have been living in a far outpost of the Siberian wastelands and have not yet heard of the HWBOT World Tour 2016, an ambitious plan to bring Overclocking to five continents and seven countries throughout the year. So far we have had a trip to Sao Paulo Brazil were the HWBOT team held OC Workshops and competitive OC contests at the Campus Party gaming event, while the next stop will be at rAge Expo in Cape Town South Africa.

Arguably the center-piece of each World Tour event is the World Series, a series of overclocking contests were Extreme Overclockers from each region can scrap it out for OC superiority. As well as earning points on the OC-ESPORTs competitive platform, the winners of each World Series competition are invited to the HWBOT World Championship to be held in Berlin, Germany at the end of the year.

The Championship Final really is a quest to find the best live OC contest player of the year. As well as competing World Series finalists who win transportation and accommodation at the final, the contest will also include a ‘Wild Card’ entrant to spice things up a touch.


Structure and Hardware

The Championship Finals will be sponsored by Germany’s Caseking, one of Europe’s premier hardware retailers. The Finals will be hosted at the Caseking Bootcamp in Berlin, a spacious area where LN2 will be provided in abundance for all eight overclockers. In two groups, the finalists will determine the match ups in the quarter final. Through one versus one elimination we eventually find out who is crowned the 2016 Overclocking World Champion!

The finalists compete with hardware of the brands that partner for the World Series qualification tournaments. In case there is no partner for a specific hardware category, i.e. SSD, the finalist is free to use any hardware. In the table on the right you can find more information on the brands that the World Championship finalists will be competing with.

The first name on the roster for the Championship Final has in fact already been decided with the conclusion of the Latin America stop in Brazil just a few weeks ago. PXHX fought off some stiff competition to find himself the Latin America representative for the HWBOT World Championship. More information on his victory here in this article.

The Championship Final promises to be the climax of the World Tour and a fitting end to the 2016 OC calendar. Live video streams of the event will be available so that overclockers around the world won’t miss a thing.


World Championship Contenders

pxhx world championship ticket drweez world championship ticket bullshooter world championship ticket
marc0053 world championship ticket xtreme addict world championship ticket

Belgium Massman says:

More World Championship information - looking forward to find out who qualifies for South Africa, Europe and North America!

websmile says:

I had this question now several times and can´t find the answer (noob mode :D ) - is MOA at Poitiers the qualifier for the finals or is there an extra shootout for this?

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Seems you are right Websmile , MOA 1st price is the ticket ot the Tour final

Romania Alex@ro says:

Wait... So... Separate event separate prizes?


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Belgium leeghoofd says:

I'm starting to doubt myself now...

Belgium Massman says:

I had this question now several times and can´t find the answer (noob mode :D ) - is MOA at Poitiers the qualifier for the finals or is there an extra shootout for this?

World Tour = gathering + workshop + World Series


World Series = extreme overclocking tournament where the winner from each tournament gets a ticket to the World Championship.


At the World Tour Europe, our title partner is MSI. That's why the World Series competition is branded MOA and the workshop is branded OC Academy. So, the MOA 2016 Europe is a World Series stage and the winner represents Europe in the World Championship.

websmile says:

Thanks for clarification and good explanation, all questions answered :)

Colombia saint19 says:



Only MOA for Europe this year? In the picture I see the winner in the world tour Brazil and it is not clear for me if the qualifiers where there too.

Belgium Massman says:

The plot is thickening



United States Gunslinger says:

When will we find out more competition details about the N. American stop?

Belgium Massman says:

End of this week or beginning of next week

Belgium Massman says:

The list is getting more complete :)



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