Belgium winning team at GigaByte TweaKING Fest

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Belgium winning team at GigaByte TweaKING Fest

So you might wonder what Massman does while working on the bot? The right answer is defending the honor of both hwbot and Belgium in foreign overclocking competitions. :) Together with Leeghoofd he consistently ended second, while other teams failed to do better.

The outcome of GigaBytes TweaKING Fest in Paris:

SuperPi 32M

  1. Team Czech Republic : Obr and Vlk – 9,03.469 minutes.
  2. Team Belgium : Leeghoofd and Massman – 9,06.047 minutes.
  3. Team Latvia/Estonia : Jaan and Sam – 9,06.907 minutes.

3D Mark 2001

  1. Team Turkey : – 81590 pts.
  2. Team Belgium : – 80906 pts.
  3. Team Norway : – 80791 pts.

Congratulations, Massman and Leeghoofd! Now Gigabyte, if you would just use the Hwbot Competition Engine we could follow this competition online. *wink wink nudge nudge*

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