Overclocker in Focus: Michael Vobozil "Xtreme Addict" Interview

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Overclocker in Focus: Michael Vobozil “Xtreme Addict” Interview

Author: Sdougal

In global overclocking circles there is one name that echoes across continents and time zones, especially when it comes to actually winning competitions and prizes. No.3 in the Elite League on HWBOT, Xtreme Addict is Poland’s foremost overclocker and a player that can only be described as one of the game’s truest and most feared competitors. Allow us to introduce you to Xtreme Addict.

The Interview Transcript

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HWBOT: Hi there Xtreme Addict. It’s a pleasure to have you on our Overclocker in Focus series today. Please go ahead and introduce yourself.

Xtreme Addict: My name is Michal Vobozil. I come from Poland and my nickname is Xtreme Addict. I was inspired by XtremeSystems(.org) and I am an active overclocker in team Pure.

HWBOT: What is your educational background?

Xtreme Addict: I am a daily student. I study. I don’t work. And my background regarding Overclocking… well when I was in Primary school I started to be interested in Overclocking and I was following the first attempts of sub-zero cooling on XtremeSystems and I was sure that one day I will also try myself in extreme overclocking.

HWBOT: When did you start overclocking?

Xtreme Addict: My first sub-zero overclocking dates back to 2006. It was during the ‘Wolfdale’ time and even a bit earlier, my first sub-zero test was with the use of dry ice on the E6600 Core 2 i7, and after this I decided to buy my first single stage. And later it evolved to the first LN2 attempt on the E8800. I had a really nice CPU on single stage back then. I achieved during the first five minutes on the E8500 almost 6.25Ghz on CPU-Z validation. Back then the record was held by Duck and it was around 6.3GHz something… I remember I had like the third validation the E8500 back then. But of course the CPU died during the first session [laughs], so my first real extreme overclocking adventure was a bit of a disappointment but it pushed me forward to try to find another CPU and evolve.

To be honest I was just interested in pushing the limits made by vendors. Even if I didn’t need that (performance) at that moment, I just like to overclock to have more efficiency, more points in benchmarks. It was more for fun. I wasn’t led by any big need for more CPU power or GPU power for applications, I just wanted to know the limits.

HWBOT: What has been your greatest achievement?

Xtreme Addict: I think for sure the best moments for me are when I am winning some live event [laughs]. And for now I think I have the biggest amount of won finals in live events during all time. I remember my first good performance at a live event was in Poland. It was in 2010, ASUS Poland held the Overclocking Championship of Poland, of course only for Polish overclockers and it was the first overclocking even that I won. There were also MOA qualifiers in Poland where I was third, but it was before the ASUS Championship, and there was also a GOOC qualifier in Poland. Also in 2010 but it was before the ASUS Championship. And after 2010 the next live events were International.

HWBOT: How do you see the overclocking scene today?

Xtreme Addict: To be honest it’s very hard to compare because during the years my motivation also changed. It’s like I love to pursue the World Records, top scores or just to bench for fun. But on the other hand, for now we have many live qualifiers, online qualifiers and other contests with prizes and to be honest this is my main motivation right now. To participate in competitions when (there are) some real prizes because well, we all know that extreme Overclocking especially at the top level needs a really big amount of money for CPU binning, GPU binning and all other stuff. Liquid Nitrogen also isn’t very cheap. Especially when you use like four hundred or six hundred liters a month or more. So I focus on those activities when I can have something back in return.

HWBOT: Where do you see overclocking in five years from now?

Xtreme Addict: I think the best vision would be if vendors started to (do) more to support extreme overclockers because.. well it costs a lot and for now we are their marketing power, but in many cases – I’m not talking about a specific vendor right now – in many cases, it looks like ‘we will give you motherboards for one hundred and fifty US dollars, and we want from you like ten or twelve World Records’, and considering the fact that LN2 costs, for those results, would cost more than this motherboard.

Then there is a also a problem where you have to find a ‘golden’ CPU and sometimes you have to try fifty or a hundred CPUs and the same with GPUs, you have to check a few cards and cards they also aren’t cheap so. Sometimes vendors expectations are high considering the support they give.

HWBOT: Your advice to someone just getting started?

Xtreme Addict: Well, I will just give one (piece of) advice. Never surrender. I remember when I was starting in Poland, everyone even Polish vendors or my friends told me that it’s impossible to compete with the top guys, and I proved them wrong. And that’s why (you should) never surrender. Do your best. And don’t listen to people who try to convince you that you have no chance.

HWBOT: What do you think of Taiwan?

Xtreme Addict: Well, I love Taiwan. It’s like the capital of Overclocking for us overclockers. We are here like small children in a toy factory, especially when we are visiting benching labs… GIGABYTE, ASUS, MSI, ASRock or like G.SKILL. So we are having great fun here, and we can meet with all other overclockers from all over the world. So we are having here really good fun.