PCMark05 + Core2Duo = Jabski.

PCMark05 + Core2Duo = Jabski.

Competing at HWBot seems to be possible using a couple of different strategies to gather points. Some choose to dominate all the benchmarks available for a given piece of hardware, others opt to focus on one or two benchmarks for a large range of hardware. Jabski from BenchtecUK took yet another different approach. He decided that the best way to gather points is to dominate a specific benchmark with every CPU in its class!

Ever wondered why you couldn’t get a golden cup in any PCMark05 benchmark using a LGA775 Core 2 Duo processor? Here’s your answer!


Now that this news is in the open, let’s see how much of those golden cups Jabski is able to maintain ’till next month. Everyone! Get your iRam ready!!

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