Overclocker in Focus: Abhishek Joshi "Cloud7" Interview

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Overclocker in Focus: Abhishek Joshi “Cloud7” Interview

Author: Sdougal

Continuing our in depth series of overclocker interviews, today we bring you the thoughts and musings of one of India’s most recognized persona. Allow us to introduce you to Cloud7, an Indian overclocker with plenty of thought provoking ideas to share.

The Interview Transcript

Abhishek Joshi Cloud7 overclocking

HWBOT: Hi Cloud7. Welcome to the Overclocker in Focus series. Could you please introduce yourself.

Cloud7: Well, my name is Abhishek Joshi. And my nickname would be Cloud7 and I actually work for ASUS India right now.

HWBOT: What is your educational background?

Cloud7: Actually I have only done my school right now, the high school, and before I was a tennis player. National level. Yeah. Eventually I got into Overclocking, and ASUS was like.. are you…?

HWBOT: When did you start overclocking?

Cloud7: Computers was always a passion. I used to be a gamer before. A big time gamer and back in 2012 I think I just bought my first water cooling system. It’s very difficult to get in India first of all. So I used water, a high-end water cooling system from the US and from there just started overclocking.

HWBOT: What has been your greatest achievement?

Cloud7: Basically I mostly bench with Shatul, it’s Toolius, and recently benched an 8.2GHz AMD overclock.. yeah, 8.25Ghz.

HWBOT: How do you see the overclocking scene today?

Cloud7: If you compare to in the past, there is more hardware that is accessible in the market now. There are better cooling solutions that are available at least in India now so either guys like Cooler Master and all these guys, ASUS itself bringing more high-end components into the country and more cooling solutions are available in the market. So it’s more accessible for new guys and more exposure is there, since everything is available online now. More easy.

HWBOT: What difficulties do you face as an overclocker in India?

Cloud7: In terms of different countries, it’s just a matter of finding the high-end hardware and getting the proper information locally. That’s the biggest issue in India. That why there’s not a lot of overclockers, but we trying to expose it more to the new guys. But in terms of just finding something like an LN2 pot, or buying LN2 if you’re talking extreme overclocking, it’s a lot of work. You need to have some contacts, you need to do a lot of research to get these liquid nitrogen canisters and stuff. It’s quite a lot of trouble, yeah.

(Regarding temperatures and humidity), it all depends on city… since it’s a very big country it depends state to state. Like, the state I live in is Mumbai and right now the humidity is always around 80-95 percent and temperatures are around 26 degrees to 40 degrees depending on Summer and Winter weather.

HWBOT: Where do you see overclocking in five years from now?

Cloud7: In future I would like to have more Overclocking sort of events in the country by other manufacturers. We are trying to do it ourselves but yeah… more exposure, more guys to come in so that things can keep on happening. Because right now we only have a few extreme overclockers and they are still getting old. They might get married tomorrow and after that there is no-one else, so I would like to see more development in that section.

HWBOT: What do you think of Overclocking as an eSport?

Cloud7: It’s very good. just like I said before, like we need to get new guys in and they just need to know how to overclock and start from all the basics, air and water cooling. Yeah, Hardware BOT (HWBOT), because of Hardware BOT I that’s why overclocking is still running. It’s still a matter, it’s still a thing for the race.

HWBOT: What do you think of needs to change in Overclocking?

Cloud7: I think I would like to see a bit more focus in the, how do you call it, amateur side, which I guess is happening now, a lot more focus on that side, so all new guys can get it.

HWBOT: Your advice to someone just getting started?

Cloud7: So my advice for new overclockers would be to start on the forums. Search through the forums, post a chat saying I’m interested in Overclocking and get into Overclocking. Start Overclocking. That’s where you get a start.

HWBOT: What do you think of Taiwan?

Cloud7: This is my first time in Taiwan and I just don’t want to leave. This is perfect. The city is perfect, yeah the food is good… more hardware, Just everywhere I see hardware shops so it’s the perfect thing. It’s like a five year-old in a candy shop.

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