HWBOT x265 Benchmark 4k Benchmark Validation Regulations

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HWBOT x265 Benchmark 4k Benchmark Validation Regulations

Allowed benchmark versions
Allowed operating systemsAll Windows based (Platform Clock must be enabled for Windows 8/8.1/10)
Default benchmark settings4k
ScoreThe score is the average FPS
Allowed optimisations
  • Run CMD as admin and paste “bcdedit /set useplatformclock yes”
  • Enabling/Disabling HyperThreading
  • Adjust priority and affinity
  • Change benchmark parameters (type, priority, Pmode)
Disallowed tweaks/cheats
  • Altering benchmark files or the rendering
  • Any software or human interaction altering the perceived speed of the benchmark program, tricking it to believe it ran faster
Verification screenshot requirements

All Global Top-20 benchmark results must now include a valid verification screenshot and a system picture showing the benchmarked system in action.

All verification screenshots must show the settings at which the benchmark was completed. This means it is not allowed to decrease the operating frequency for screenshot purposes. In effect, the staff reserves the right to reject a submission that is deemed out of line for the stated system parameters. For XTU specifically, the data file must contain monitoring information (frequency and temperature).

The screenshot must be obtained using the integrated screenshot functionality

  • HWBOT x265 Benchmark window (with all information visible)
  • CPU-Z CPU tab
  • CPU-Z Memory tab
Verification linkNo verification link required
Verification datafileVerification datafile is mandatory
Example screenshot

Red: Mandatory Green: Optional

Additional notesThis page contains the benchmark result regulation specifications for HWBOT x265 Benchmark 4k. The rules as described in our General Rules section are still applicable even if they are not specifically mentioned on this page.

It is your responsibility, and the responsibility of your team captain(s) that these rules are followed properly. Your submission may be blocked by HWBOT moderators without notice if your submission is in violation of one of these rules. Multiple infractions may lead to a warning, and eventually an account ban.

  • Nov 1, 2017: several rule adjustments
  • September 18, 2016: link
  • May 1, 2015: clarify version, operating system, and remove GPU-Z requirement
  • November 2, 2015: first draft

Christian Ney says:

Reserved for tweaks and tips


Link to support thread

superpatodonaldo says:

just a thought: about the mandatory screenshot, does cpu freq (as shown in cpuz cpu) have to be the same shown in the bench window (core speed)?

If someone changes the core freq later loading the benchmark, cpu speed shown is not updated.


Netherlands hidde663 says:

Best\fastest CPU stability test, hands down. Close contenders are Intel-burn-test high-stress x10, Real-bench video-encoding x10.

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