X48 dead? Fogna and Crustytheclown prove otherwise!

X48 dead? Fogna and Crustytheclown prove otherwise!

Although Core i7 was not as revolutionary as the Conroe was, as Conroe annihilated every single world record within weeks after the launch, it did provide us, overclockers and performance enthousiasts, a new tool to break world records. In most newer benchmarks, the Core i7 seemed much more powerful than the old Core 2 Duo and very recently, as demonstrated by Stummerwinter‘s excellent i7 975 results, it also made up in the old-skool benchmarks such as SuperPI 1M and Aquamark.

So, it seems that X48 is dead. Well, don’t be so sure! Both F.O.G.N.A. and Crustytheclown, Italian and Greek respectively, managed to push their E8600 beyond an incredibly impressive 6.6GHz today resulting not only in a couple of gold and silver cups, but more importantly in breaching the PiFast barrier of 14 seconds which has been in sight so long now. The honor was for F.O.G.N.A., who managed 13.98s at 6.67GHz.



Looking at the collection of cups gathered using, what we suppose is, the best X48 motherboard available, we can most definitly state that the Rampage Extreme might just be the board of choice if you ever want to give your old Core 2 Duo a spin. Check out these statistics:


Looking at the hardware cups, it seems that if you are in the top5 using a Rampage Extreme, you’re almost twice as likely to be first than second! I like those odds …

Before I close this article I do want to bring up Crustytheclown up again, because not only did he show a couple of very impressive E8600 overclocks, for instance a 6.718s 1M, he also managed to jump almost 500 places today!


Congratulations to both of you!!

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