Overclocker in Focus: Michal Šimonek "FlanK3r" Interview

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Belgium Massman says:

Thank you for your time, Michal!

Czech Republic trodas says:

I have to add that FlanK3r is popularizing overclocking on it's own as he can :) On most Czech forums he lead some AMD-news channels, he run few give-away competitions for interesting hardware pieces, etc. Really dedicated guy and his 3th place among Czech based overclockers is a bit underrated for him - since he is not submitting that much, the scores he post are pretty good. A legend between Czech overclockers.

Brazil Rbuass says:

Very nice guy...

FlanK3r says:

thx frined, only my english is not so nice :D

Trodas: not only AMD, but Intel also and MB ROG section in CZ as bonus

Slovenia tiborrr says:

Michal is always such a positive person. Keep your spirits high!

United States rags says:

Really enjoying this series!

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