Overclocker in Focus: Michal Šimonek "FlanK3r" Interview

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Overclocker in Focus: Michal Šimonek “FlanK3r” Interview

Author: Sdougal

Today the Overclocking in Focus series continues, this time putting the spotlight on one of the most respected overclockers from Europe. We are very happy to bring you an interview with FlanK3r, a leading overclocker from the Czech Republic.

The Interview Transcript

Michal Simonek Flank3r overclocking

HWBOT: Hi FlanK3r, please introduce introduce yourself.

FlanK3r: I’m Michal Šimonek. I’m from the Czech Republic. My nickname is Flanker, and I don’t know… I’m an old man.

HWBOT: What is your educational background?

FlanK3r: I studied in Technical University in Brno. This is the second biggest city in the Czech Republic. But this is a very long story…

HWBOT: When did you start overclocking?

FlanK3r: With overclocking, I started many years ago, in 2008 I think. Before computers was not my hobby because I needed from a computer was only gaming. But I was a student with not much money so I had old PCs, not for hardcore, high-end gaming. And so I started to be interested in my dream… a new PC. So read articles, on websites about hardware, forums and read about everything from the beginning.

My first extreme overclocking was in about 2010 with a Phenom II CPU and later with Gulftown, and after, I like it. I like all benchmarks; Cinebench, SuperPI, WPrime… this is start of the history.

HWBOT: What has been your greatest achievement?

FlanK3r: My best moment was when I got a Thuban CPU, so Phenom II X6, six core and I got 6.7GHz or something, and I was so happy. It was one of the best results in the world. And still I think my SuperPI with Phenom II X6 is second place or something.

HWBOT: How has your OC experience changed over the years?

FlanK3r: At the beginning I learned many things. Now I have more experience, but still the biggest element is time, because I’m working normally, I have a girlfriend, I have sports activities and not much time for extreme overclocking. So maybe five or six times a year I can use liquid nitrogen and it’s still quite special for me.

HWBOT: Where do you see overclocking in five years from now?

FlanK3r: In general I think the right way is focusing on gaming, gamers because gamers usually want a powerful PC.. overclocking, but they don’t know how to overclock. Software from motherboards can help them, but if we want more extreme overclockers maybe the good way is what Sergio showed me. Sergio in Brazil has a Youtube Channel and they are testing for gamers, with some games with air cooling or all-in-one water cooling against liquid nitrogen in games. And people can see, yes now for example sixty frames (a second) and with liquid nitrogen the same card, the same CPU but higher frequencies 80 or 89 FPS.

I think (it’s important to) bring gamers to overclocking, because the community of gamers is very huge.

HWBOT: Your advice to someone just getting started?

FlanK3r: My message? Don’t be afraid of overclocking and start it.

HWBOT: What do you think of Taiwan?

FlanK3r: Taiwan is a wonderful place because I have never been to Asia before and people here are so friendly. The streets are clean. I have never before seen something similar. Of course I have only been to a few states in Europe, but these people are so helpful. If you are in the street, looking around and you don’t know for example where the metro station is or something, someone will come over to you and (offer) help. And really, it’s great.

Only taxis are a really big problem. If you don’t have a business card of the hotel, they don’t know where to drive you. What I want to say is that taxi drivers really can speak nothing except Chinese, or Taiwanese…


Belgium Massman says:

Thank you for your time, Michal!

Czech Republic trodas says:

I have to add that FlanK3r is popularizing overclocking on it's own as he can :) On most Czech forums he lead some AMD-news channels, he run few give-away competitions for interesting hardware pieces, etc. Really dedicated guy and his 3th place among Czech based overclockers is a bit underrated for him - since he is not submitting that much, the scores he post are pretty good. A legend between Czech overclockers.

Brazil Rbuass says:

Very nice guy...

FlanK3r says:

thx frined, only my english is not so nice :D

Trodas: not only AMD, but Intel also and MB ROG section in CZ as bonus

Slovenia tiborrr says:

Michal is always such a positive person. Keep your spirits high!

United States rags says:

Really enjoying this series!

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