Overclocker in Focus: Hiwa Pouri "Hiwa" Interview

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Overclocker in Focus: Hiwa Pouri “Hiwa” Interview

Author: Sdougal

Today we are very pleased to bring you the latest in our Overclocker in Focus series with an interview with Hiwa, one of the most respected and decorated overclockers on HWBOT. Originally from Iran, Hiwa is now a leading member of Switzerland’s ocaholic team. Read on for a glimpse at what drives one of the scene’s most experienced players.

The Interview Transcript

Hiwa: I’m Hiwa. My name is also Hiwa. My nickname is also Hiwa. I’m with the ocaholic team on HWBOT, even Hiwa and I’m from Iran but at this moment I’m living in Switzerland.

HWBOT: What is your educational background?

Hiwa: Well when I was in Iran I did engineering of metallurgy, and then after that I moved to Italy. I did IT engineering at HP.

HWBOT: When did you start overclocking?

Hiwa: I started overclocking in 2003 with air-cooling first. My first ex-thermal overclocking was with one of Dimastec’s phase changers in 2005, and LN2 in 2006. Shamino is a Singapore guy. I saw him benching with Abiit back in 2003, 2004. I liked it, and started to overclock.

HWBOT: What has been your greatest achievement?

Hiwa: 2007… 2008? X58 EVGA motherboards, Shamino-made Classified. CPUs were 980X, than 990X. I have several world records… 3DMarks, 2Ds… Vantage especially.

HWBOT: How do you see the overclocking scene today?

Hiwa: I think the big difference comparing to maybe 2009, 2008 is only the digital world of overclocking. Now everything has changed. Back in the day we needed to modify every single stuff on the motherboard and the graphics cards. Today is ready. Everything exists.

HWBOT: Where do you see overclocking in five years from now?

Hiwa: It’s growing very well. I don’t know really about the next five years. We hope maybe we will have ten core CPUs to overclock.

HWBOT: What about Overclocking as an eSport?

Hiwa: I don’t like that.

HWBOT: Your advice to someone just getting started?

Hiwa: Share information. Sharing, sharing information. They have to share all the knowledge they find, but unfortunately it’s not like that. The new overclockers are more (like) rich people buying CPUs, CPUs, graphics cards… bin the CPUs, bin the graphics cards. Pull down with LN2 and then yeah they got the score… without any knowledge. It’s not nice to see, but that’s it.

HWBOT: What do you think of Taiwan?

Hiwa: Very nice country. Very, very nice people. I told you before I lived in Italy and Switzerland like a foreigner for years. Taiwanese people are completely different. Very, very nice people with foreigners.

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