Overclocker in Focus: Ian Parry "8 Pack" Interview

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Overclocker in Focus: Ian Parry “8 Pack” Interview

Author: Sdougal

Few overclockers on the Elite OC circuit have quite the impact and reputation of  UK and Former World No.1 8Pack. We managed to get a few moments of his time to interview one of the most iconic players on the OC scene today.

The Interview Transcript

8Pack: Hi I’m 8Pack, my name is Ian Parry and I’m from the UK.

HWBOT: What is your educational background?

8Pack: Educationally, I have GSE A-Levels which is standard sort of qualification in the UK. Then I have a degree in Sports Science and Management. I also have a personal training diploma, a nutrition diploma – all the kind of things you need to work highly in the fitness industry.

HWBOT: When did you start overclocking?

8Pack: I started overclocking about fifteen years ago, something like that. Actually because I was initially a gamer and I wanted to make the frame-rates faster. So I downloaded some benchmarks to check where my system was against other people, and was like “oh, my God, my system is not very good here, so I’d best improve”. So I tried to improve to make my games faster because I was in a gaming clan. So then I started overclocking.

HWBOT: What has been your greatest achievement?

8Pack: It would maybe be being the first person to reach 3,000 points on HWBOT. That’s probably my greatest achievement. And holding all the VGA Global (records) at the same time. All the World Records. They are probably my two greatest achievements, although I’ve quite a few competitions also including live competitions where the pressure is on you in a short period of time, which I also regard as pretty high. I’m doing a few things so it’s hard to say really.

HWBOT: How do you see the overclocking scene today?

8Pack: As far as I’m concerned it has just become a lot more professional in the approach. There are actually a lot more people involved, so therefore the competition is higher. The vendors are all really on board with it and the sponsorship and opportunities from being good at it is better and obviously the knock-on effect of that is that the standard is constantly improving. Everybody is testing everything to try and get the upper hand – all the tweaks with people spending hours and hours just to get a few extra points because in a live situation this could mean prize money or indeed a career and so on.

We help the vendors with marketing and this kind of stuff. So I think in the past when it was more of a hobby, now it’s still a hobby and more and more people are doing it as a hobby, but also there’s a professional level. A few people back in the day were doing it at a professional level, now far more are in it. People are bringing out their own products, like Vince and his Kingpin Edition cards, and myself with 8Pack Edition graphics cards, PSUs, Roman with his der8auer LN2 containers, Vince with his LN2 containers, Nick (Shih) with his motherboards and so on.

There are a lot more people, and I think also that overclockers are becoming more famous in the public eye. The amount of people who have stopped us this week and said oh you’re 8Pack or der8auer, shows that overclocking is being marketed better.

HWBOT: Where do you see overclocking in five years from now?

8Pack: I think actually it will slowly increase to become similar to how Esports in gaming has just grown. I think that’s how it will change and I can see it evolving because more of the vendors are taking it really serious as a marketing tool. Massive companies like Intel, Kingston, Microsoft, ASUS, GIGABYTE – all these very large and powerful companies are on board with the overclocking scene because they can see the potential for growth and are therefore willing to invest time, money and resources in this area. And also, they want their product to be the product that is used by famous overclockers – like Formula 1 promoting the cars. As such there is more money and sponsorships etc will come in it, just like the gaming scene has evolved – that’s what I think.

HWBOT: Your advice to someone just getting started?

8Pack: For someone who is just getting started, I’d tell them to concentrate on the basics, of reading around the subject on many forums, testing things out really, slowly on an air-cooled system and see what changes in the BIOS can make a difference to their scores. And then from there on, doing some basic overclocking on air, and maybe progressing to water. Really testing things and getting a feel for the hardware that they’ve got and the platforms that their running and how to make efficient scores.

Comparing your system and that cooler that you’ve got against other people and their cooler, and taking advice from people of forums and manufacturers websites where they’ve got guides on how to overclock, plus well known overclocking sites, for example like Roman’s website – go there, he’s got guides for pretty much all motherboards with the high-end vendors. Take stuff from the most experienced people and test yourself to see what benchmarks you enjoy doing, which benchmarks you are not so bothered about and try and perfect those before you move on to some really serious cooling. That’s where the serious invest from yourself comes in.

So test it out at the basic level, where you don’t have to put much investment in yourself. See if you really enjoy it, and then progress from there if you really like the sport.

HWBOT: What do you think about Taiwan?

8Pack: I generally enjoy Taiwan. I’ve been here many times with vendors and overclocking events – benching at GIGABYTE HQ, ASUS HQ – all this kind of thing. I like Taiwan, in fact the only thing I dislike about Taiwan is the Taiwanese food. It doesn’t really sit well with my eating patterns if you like. But I do like Taiwan, it’s a very bustling city, you can get anything you want here, its very fast paced which is good fun for a short period of time. Which is what we’re here for, usually a week or two weeks.

Computex itself, I generally enjoy it too. What I do is not just about overclocking but about developing products. So all the vendors are here that I wish to speak to about developing my own products; for example Super Flower with the PSU, or GALAX where we’ve been benching there on the stand with their GPUs, GIGABYTE, ASUS… All the major vendors are here so you can go around and check out their new products, see where we can help them with testing.

Obviously we can get samples if they wish to give them so we can do our own testing and so on. So yeah, it’s great for this because everyone is in one place at one time, you can see absolutely everyone you need to see about business ideas, marketing and promotional stuff, get business cards so you can make contact later. You can follow up on all the different projects you are going to work on. So it’s great for this.

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