Alibabar GPU king, Knopflerbruce CPU king.

Alibabar GPU king, Knopflerbruce CPU king.

The hardware points have been discussed over and over again; some say it takes very little skill to score high points, others say the hardware points may even be a better measurement tool for overclocking skill than the multi-dollar high-end systems used in the global rankings. In the end, we have to face the facts and acknowledge that competing in the low- and middle-end categories isn’t that straightforward as everyone thinks, since nowadays it does take subzero cooling even to get a golden cup with an FX5200 or a Pentium 3 800MHz. Obviously, competing at the top of the global rankings is not as easy as one might think … it requires absolute dedication and top scores in each benchmark to get there, let alone staying there. Both types of competitions have certain problems involved that it doesn’t really make sense comparing both when discussing overclocking skill.

Within the Hardware Masters ranking, there’s a fierce competition between the so-called CPU and GPU benchmarkers. The first group mainly focuses on CPU overclocking, whereas the second group prefers videocards to gather points. As per request by a member of the overclocking community, today I’ve gathered some data on this competition to see who is the GPU king and who’s the CPU king.


Alibabar, currently second in the Hardware Masters ranking, is leading the pack having an impressive 2700 hardware points, solely in 3D benchmarks. S_A_V and Matti_OC follow ‘closely’ having both over 2000 points. Noteworthy is the presence of Hipro5 in this list as he is known not to be a hardware grinder and almost exclusively benches high-end hardware, but still manages to oc his way up into the top15. Also nice to see is that our current HWBot Overclockers League leader, K|ngp|n, also manages to get into the top20!


In the CPU ranking, things are a bit different as Knopflerbruce is in the lead totaling just below 2000 points. That Turrican is our Hardware King is probably because he manages to score quite high in both GPU and CPU ranking; in the first he minimizes the gap between the top and himself. Also quite close to the top is Jabski, a UK overclocker which has already been in the spotlights just a couple of weeks ago when we posted news regarding the single core Wprime 32M performance.

Congratulations to all!

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