Bloomfield and Wolfdale most popular, Deneb surprisingly fourth.

Bloomfield and Wolfdale most popular, Deneb surprisingly fourth.

Another day at the bot, another day in between processors, videocards, motherboards and their performance results. Today, I was gathering data on platform popularity to prepare the upcoming competition (-oops-) and instead of just keeping the results to the Hwbot staff, I thought it might be interesting for you as well, so here are the figures and charts.

In this first number-filled picture, we see the total number of submissions using a certain platform. This includes both 2D and 3D results. The platforms are ranked by number of submissions since June ’09, which is the reason why Lynnfield is so low on the charts as it has only been released in September. Looking at the rates since September the first, we see that Lynnfield is already the fifth most popular platform to use for benchmarking.
Throwing the most popular platforms in a different-styled graph, we can see how popular the platforms were over the last four months, calculated by the number of submissions per month. Against all expectations, as Lynnfield is most certainly less performant than Bloomfield, it seems that since the P55 platform was released, the Bloomfield platform has lost in popularity, be it still in front by quite a margin.More interesting may be how much different users have submit a result using a certain platform as it indicates, more than raw submission rates, how popular hardware is.

We see pretty much the same as in the submission data: Bloomfield rules the rankings, Deneb is doing pretty well beating Kentsfield and Lynnfield is making its way to the top. Let’s put the data in an even better looking graph:
Wolfdale is having a free fall and, next to the inevitable Lynnfield, the Deneb seems to be the only platform overclockers are using more and more often.By the way, this kind of popularity information will be integrated on the site as soon as possible as it offers a great insight in the purchase behavior of overclockers!

For those into Wolfdale Overclocking, you’ve noticed that this widely popular core was not very present in the charts above; that’s because the snapshot was made at the end of its career. Massman made a chart of the last 12 months of Wolfdale submissions, the peak for this CPU was actually last year, right around the launch of the Core i7.


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