Legacy hardware? Push it to the limit!

Legacy hardware? Push it to the limit!

I believe most of you have already looked at the new features added to HWBot, such as the expansion of the database with chipset and motherboard models. Well, although we’ve had many positive responses to the additions, even I didn’t expect these features to actually be very cool …

Remember the old days? Dothan, 680i, Athlon64 3DMark01 benchmarking … oh yes, those were the days. Sadly (or luckily), hardware of the current generation allows us to shoot past these scores, performed on legacy hardware, as if those scores mean nothing. But, they do!

As I’m making my way through the database, adding and organising chipsets and motherboard models, I suddenly found myself looking at the results of the nForce 680i SLI chipset. It occured to me that, for instance, 100k in 3DMark01 has only been done once on a 680i-based chipset.


Of course I can only take the results of HWBot into account, but … is it really that difficult to achieve 100k on an 680i-based platform? I’m actually tempted to ebay myself a 680i and give it a shot.

And that’s when it hit me. Yes, the chipset and motherboard database offer new stats and an endless amount of graphs, percentages and popularity rankings, but much more interesting is that it offers a whole new dimension of pushing hardware to its limits. It allows users to take ANY setup and see how far it can be pushed on the level of cpu, gpu, motherboard, chipset and, hopefully, even more in the future.

Another challenge for the 680i is to try and hit a sub-11 minutes SuperPI 32M score. Phase currently has the 680i record (here at HWBot.org) set at 11 minutes 2 seconds …


Of course, all these records are kind of ‘preliminary’ as the database is not completely cleaned up and I still have loads of motherboards to add. Next to that, not all results have a motherboard type tagged to it, so there might as well be better results. Maybe it’s a bit naive, but I do hope that one day all the results will be tagged to the motherboard model and we’ll be seeing the true limitations of hardware; CPU, GPU, Chipsets and motherboards.

In any case, this insight has motivated me more than ever to clean up the database as soon as possible!

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