An Interview with French Newcomer Orion24, Participant of the World Tour 2015 Europe

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An Interview with French Newcomer Orion24, Participant of the World Tour 2015 Europe

Orion24 is a relative newcomer on the OC scene, but he’s a guy that is quickly gaining a reputation as a rising star. Taking 3rd place during the HWBOT World Tour Amateur competition in France a few months ago, Orion24 is already deliding CPUs and exploring the limits of chilled water-cooling. We thought it would be good to catch up with him for a chat about all things OC.

HWBOT: Hi Orion! Please introduce yourself…

Orion24: My name is Carvalho Alexis, but I’m known to my friends as Orion24. I’m French and live about an hour away from Bordeaux.

HWBOT: When did you discover overclocking and how or why did you start to get involved?

Orion24: Well, I discovered overclocking in 2007 when I participated at the gamers assembly on Quake 4. SyndromeOC was there and played with LN2. At that time I didn’t know that we could push computer components. I remember that Trouffman was there with some GeForce 8800 Ultra cards. It’s was fun to see this kind of cooling for the first time.

Since this event when I got hold of a new CPU, Memory and GPU, I tried to find the maximum safe stable frequencies for a H24. This demands a lot of time but I enjoyed doing that. If my memory is good, I started with an AMD3400+ on an Asus Pro board.

HWBOT: Who do you look up to, who is your mentor in the OC community?

Orion24: This is an hard question, I think it’s Wizerty, I discovered him on Cowcotland a year ago and met him at the gamers assembly. He is helping me a lot to learn and improve but he is not alone, all the KLAN OC community is helping me when I have questions and I would like to say a big thanks to them!

HWBOT: We met during the HWBOT World Tour 2015 during Gamers Assembly, what were you expecting from the workshop and the competition? What did you learn that made you want to go further?

Orion24: I came to this event with friends and I really wanted to try the amateur competition. First of all it was my first time with a G3258 and it wasn’t easy because we could only use XTU to change the settings. So the only crazy thing to do was to rise up the cores voltages and push! Even if the processor throttled, just try to have THE score! With 351 points I was the first to qualify, but in the finals I wasn’t confident even though we were allowed to play with the BIOS. The ROG BIOS was unknown to me and I decided to not use it.

If the contest was tomorrow, I would change a lot of things in the BIOS, now that I know how to determine what the memory chips are I think certain things would not be the same.

HWBOT: How did it feel to compete in such a competition?

Orion24: I was over-stressed! In the beginning it was just for fun, only I didn’t expect to be with Damien in the final!

HWBOT: Do you have any advice to give to future participants?

Orion24: Push voltages!

HWBOT: You finished third in the amateur competition and almost won a full setup. What is the first thing you did with the parts you won?

Orion24: Yep and I would like to say thank you again! I bought an Mpower MAX AC, SSD, RAM and some Liquid Pro to delid the G3258 and have good temps even with 1.6V on WC. The first thing I have to do is break 357 points on XTU! Done with 363 pts and I think I can go further. I am also playing with an old HD6950 for fun on 3Dmark03.

HWBOT: Have you taken part in any other competitions at OC-Esports?

Orion24: Yes of course, I tried to compete in the Rookie Rumble #17. It was really hard because I only had a 4790K and against X99 CPUs, it was lost. I finished 7th and I’m really happy for my very first try. Next time I’ll try to be in the top 5.

HWBOT: You started on air, what is your prefered cooling method today? What’s next?

Orion24: I started on air but for four years now I have been using water cooling with delidded CPUs. Three days ago I started using ice with my water cooling rig to have good temps, it’s a funny way to cool down temps, you have to change the ice every 30 minutes

In June I’ll start using dry ice on a G3258 and 4790K to learn how to manage the bios settings on extreme temps.

HWBOT: What are your aspirations?

Orion24: For now I don’t know, I just want to learn and improve.

Thank you very much for your time and good luck in your future overclocking career!

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