An Interview with French Newcomer Orion24, Participant of the World Tour 2015 Europe

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France orion24 says:

Thank you very much for this interview guys :)

France Wizerty says:

Nice, I met a "rising star" hahaa. Keep pushing bro, we will need you for our country-cup revenge :D

France 2ShEp says:

GoGoGo ! As Wiz says, we have to take a revenge on CC :P

France Martin White says:


Taiwan AkaNe says:

Nice Interview :) I like Trouff picture so young... I had to zoom to be sure he was him.

Canada Trouffman says:

Ahahab love the first pic, so damn old xD ! Nice interview too !

France 2ShEp says:

It's you Trouff with the long hair ? xD

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