HD5870 performance (p)review using HWBot database

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HD5870 performance (p)review using HWBot database

As HWBot does gather a large amount of information regarding the performance, overclockability and the combination of those two, we no longer need to rely on one-man reviews to figure out if it’s worth to buy the new card or not. No, instead of going through a couple of dozen reviews, we let the HWBot engine calculate a couple of results for us.

That’s exactly what we did with the, still preliminary, results of the HD5870. We gathered the information of the GTX285, HD4890, HD4870X2 and GTX295 and compared it to the numbers of the HD5870. Next to that, we also had a peek at the performance in crossfire using two single GPU cards ánd had a look at the performance using even more cards. Here are the charts.

Single card

(Click to enlarge)

It may come as no surprise to you, but in single card configurations both dual GPU products, the HD4870X2 and GTX295, are pretty much beating the competition. However, in that dual-gpu domination it does seem like the HD5870 is winning in 3DMark06 and Aquamark3!

Link to comparison: http://hwbot.org/hardware.compare.do?type=gpu&id=1373_1&id=1475_1&id=1587_1&id=1444_1&id=1443_1

Dual GPU

(Click to enlarge)

The HD5870 is performing aweful in the 3DMark01 benchmark, which can be explained by driver updates as it seems that even with the HD4890 you need old Catalyst 9.4’s to get nature upto 1000FPS. Although we, as die-hard overclockers, hope AMD/ATI will fix this as soon as possible, we have the feeling 3DMark01 is not their main priority. In the 3DMark03 benchmark, the HD5870 shoots past the competition and clearly is the fastest solution available; in 3DMark05, a more cpu-dependant benchmark, a dual HD4890 configuration is in the lead. By a very small margin that is. As for 3DMark06 and Vantage it’s clear that the ATI-boys did their homework, hence coming on top in every benchmark.

Link to comparison: http://hwbot.org/hardware.compare.do?type=gpu&id=1373_1&id=1475_2&id=1587_2&id=1444_2&id=1443_1

Multi GPU

(Click to enlarge)

The more cards we add to our virtual test platform, the less results we have to base a conclusion on. In high-end multi-GPU configuration this is, as you might expect, the biggest problem to overcome and, as we feared, the HWBot engine believes there’s not enough data to really determine a winner. Lucky for us, the bot did compile a couple of charts so we have at least some indication of what to buy.

In 3DMark01, the golden cup goes to the GTX285 which beats the competition quite easily. Note that any of these results are on a Windows Vista operating system as Windows XP does not allow SLI or Crossfire beyond two GPU’s. As for 3DMark03, it seems that the new HD5870 is actually the way to go for the top spots in the ranking as it’s matching the performance of four HD4890 cards. Interestingly, the opposite is true in 3DMark05 and 3DMark06 where even three HD4890 cards seem to be faster than three HD5870; keep in mind that it’s possible that this is only because there are not enough benchmarks ran using a 3xHD5870 configuration. Vantage still is Nvidia’s playground, although that might be only due to poor crossfire performance scaling as in the HD5870 is the fastest single GPU in 3DMark Vantage. Aquamark3, to end with, is an ATI-only game.

Link to comparison: http://hwbot.org/hardware.compare.do?type=gpu&id=1373_2&id=1475_3&id=1475_4&id=1587_3&id=1587_4&id=1444_3&id=1444_4&id=1443_2



If you want to increase the frequencies of your card as much as possible, there’s nothing about the HD5870 you will enjoy as neither the core or the memory can be increased by 10% on average at this point. To cheer you up after this sort of depressing news, we do have to make a note of the fact that Shamino, Evga‘s wonder-boy, has been able to push the 5870’s upto 1380MHz core! That’s a 62% increase in core frequency people!

The overclocking charts are obviously based on average overclock as not everyone is using their videocards under LN2 cooling. Also, it’s good to know that the HD5870 hasn’t been on the market that long and people are still trying to figure out the best combination to push the cards as high as possible. I’m sure that we’ll see an improvement in overclockability in the near future.

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