HWBOT Partners with Cowcotland, DimasTech and OC-TV for Gamers Assembly, France

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HWBOT Partners with Cowcotland, DimasTech and OC-TV for Gamers Assembly, France

As we announced a few weeks ago, the HWBOT World Tour 2015 will be making a crucial stop at Poitiers, France to help organize an overclocking event during one of the France’s largest LAN Parties, Gamers Assembly. All overclockers from amateur to pro are welcome to come and take part in what promises to be a really positive event that unites top talent from Europe’s OC community with the next generation of would-be tweak masters.

A venture as large as this would be impossible however without the valued commitment of its key partners. Today we’re really happy to announce the involvement of Cowcotland, DimasTech and OC-TV as well as hardware support from Sandisk and BeQuiet.

Cowcotland: No French overclocking event would be complete without the involvement of arguably one of France’s most revered and influential websites, so it is with great pleasure that HWBOT can now announce to the world the involvement of key event partner Cowcotland. As well being a superb source of news and reviews regarding all things extreme in the tech world, Cowcotland also represent one of France’s most highly respected OC teams. Great to have you onboard fellas.


DimasTech: Few companies can hold a (blow?) torch to Italians DimasTech when it comes to the production and development of pro-level overcloclocking gear. DimasTech have agreed to ensure a world-class OC environment at the Amateaur Workshop, generously providing examples of their bench tables and cooling equipment. This is in tandem with great prizes for both the Extreme and Amateur competitions. Check out DimasTech if you are in the market for any serious OC gear – including phase change cooling systems, bench tables, tech stations and water-cooling solutions.


OverClocking-TV: If you cannot attend the OC event at the Gamers Assembly this year don’t fret. You can keep up to speed with OC-TV. Indeed what serious OC event would be complete without the involvement of the OC community’s largest media outfit. OC-TV’s Xyala will be in attendance at the event, covering all aspects of the workshops and competitions with interviews and exclusive live content throughout.


Supporting Partners – Sandisk and BeQuiet: Joining forces with the main hardware partner Cowcotland, Sandisk and BeQuiet are also joining the party, providing essential backing in terms of hardware to run the workshops as well as the world series contests. Both will also contribute to the competition prize bundles that are to be announced soon. Stay tuned!

HWBOT World Tour: Gamers Assembly, Poitiers, France.

Running from April 4-6, the three day event will host three unique overlocking activities, each designed to address a broad skill base that spans Amateur to Extreme:

  • The Extreme OC Gathering: Gives participants access to three days of unlimited liquid nitrogen (LN2) overclocking. Not restrictions. The main purpose here is to have some extreme OC fun together.

  • The World Series: A competition series hosted on OC-Esports.io exclusive to participants of the World Tour throughout the world. This competition is mainly focused on extreme overclocking.

  • The Amateur World Series: An amateur only OC competition running alongside OC Workshops where elementary overclocking skills will be taught. Learn the basics, get up to speed, then compete with your peers.

Both the Workshop and World Series for Amateurs are open to all free of charge for all Gamers Assembly participants & visitors. For €70 EUR participants can join three days of unlimited LN2 overclocking, as well as the chance to participate in the HWBOT World Series competition.

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