Hwbot drops support for F1OC.

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Hwbot drops support for F1OC.

As of today, hwbot officially drops support for the F1OC competition. We applaud the idea of a worldwide manufacturer team competition, but we strongly disagree with how it is organized and are not allowed to make improvements. Allowing participants to submit both on hwbot and by email, is confusing and causes grievance between the participants. The competition organizer does not want to drop the possibility of email submissions, as hwbot does not provide PSU, HDD and component price data. Entering this data in the description does not suffice. This requirement was not know to us until a month into the competition.

Attempts of both the hwbot crew and the overclocking community to improve the competition fell on deaf ears, forcing us to officially say no to the way the competition is held.

The running competition will be closed on hwbot, please use email to submit future F1OC entries.