HWBOT Announces Partners for LanETS Overclocking Event

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HWBOT Announces Partners for LanETS Overclocking Event

The first stop on the HWBOT World Tour 2015 is Montreal, Canada for LanETS, the largest Lan Party on the American East coast. HWBOT will be running overclocking workshops and contests during the event with the help of key sponsors Overclock.net, Microbytes, DimasTech and OverClocking-TV.

Overclock.net: Not much happens in the world of extreme technology in on the North American continent without the involvement of the region’s largest online forum. Known to many as simply OCN, we are talking about an overclocking forum devoted to maximizing the performance of graphics cards, CPUs, motherboards, RAM and everything else found inside your computer. Consider any overclocking or performance issue, and the odds are it has been discussed on Overclock.net


Microbytes: It’s great to have one of Canada’s largest and most prominent technology retailers onboard at LanETS. Originating in Québec, Microbytes have established themselves as market leaders in the retail, sale and service of personal computer hardware. They are generously providing the hardware for the Amateur OC Competition & Workshop during Lan ETS, as well as some great prizes for both the Extreme and Amateur competitions.

Details on the competition rules and prizes will be announced soon, so keep an eye out for it!


DimasTech: When it comes to the production and development of professional overcloclocking gear than there are few companies that rival Italians DimasTech. DimasTech will be ensuring a world-class OC environment at the Amateaur Workshop, providing examples of their bench tables and cooling equipment alongside prizes for the Extreme and Amateur competitions. Check out DimasTech if you are in the market for any phase change cooling systems, bench tables / tech Stations and water-cooling solutions.


OverClocking-TV: No serious overclocking event would be complete without the involvement of the OC community’s largest media company, OC-TV. If you cannot attend LanETS in person, OC-TV have you covered. Isaïe “Trouff” Trouffman will be in attendance at the event, covering all aspects of the workshops and competitions with interviews and exclusive live content throughout.


LanETS kicks off on March 6-8 and is one of the largest Lan Parties on the East coast of North America. The idea is to provide a relaxed social environment for overclockers to learn, share and compete. HWBOT and its partners will be in attendance with an emphasis on nurturing the next generation of the OC community, while also providing a platform to showcase some seriously extreme overclocking.

Join HWBOT and partners at the École de technologie superieur, Pavilion A, Montreal, Canada.

Tickets for the LanETS event are available at the following eventbrite page: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/hwbot-world-tour-2015-north-america-lan-ets-tickets-15267750252

To learn more about HWBOT’s involvement at LanETS, click here: http://hwbot.org/news/11757_/

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