Further information on the HWBOT World Tour 2015

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Further information on the HWBOT World Tour 2015

Author: Timothée Pineau

A week ago we announced the first stop of the HWBOT World Tour 2015 in North America. We are amazed, pleased, and humbled by the many positive responses and to see so much enthusiasm in the community. Discussions sparked and a questions were asked. Based on the feedback, I want to take some time to clarify the topics that came up the most in this write up.

1 – What is the HWBOT World Tour?

The “World Tour” is the name of all our events. At each tour stop, we host an OC Gathering (or the bench parties) and small competitions. At any of the HWBOT World Tour stops attending overclockers are assigned a seating area as well as LN2. No hardware is provided, all the events are BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) type events.

2 – What is the HWBOT World Series?

The HWBOT World Series is the name of our competitions series. All World Series competitions take place at a World Tour stop. This is our way to combine competition and freestyle into one event. All of them connect together into a worldwide ranking, which is why we call it a “Series”. Note: the World Series competition is an extreme overclocking competition (LN2) and that only attendees with a ticket can join. This isn’t open to visitors or amateurs.

3 – HWBOT World Tour / HWBOT World Series, for which do I need to get a ticket?

Get a ticket for the World Tour, and you will be allowed to compete in the World Series competition.

For visitors: Some of the HWBOT World Tour stops are tied to LAN Party events, which have their own access rules that we have to follow. Below the possibilities of access for each stop:

  • North America at LanETS : Visitors allowed, free entry.
  • Europe at Gamers Assembly: Visitors not allowed, ticket required (price to be announced – it will be called the “Air BenchSpot” ticket)
  • Asia at Computex: Visitors allowed, free entry.

Refer to the below image:

4 – What are the competition limitations for the HWBOT World Series competitions?

There is no hardware limitation for the World Series competitions. Rules will be made in a way to accommodate the broadest amount of participants while keeping the competition fun. The World Series competitions will be hosted on OC-Esports and open for submission from the first day of the Tour stop till the last. The World Series competitions are free to join. It is not mandatory to join even if you are benching at the OC Gathering.

5 – What is the World Series for Amateurs?

The World Series for Amateurs is an overclocking competition for beginners. It will feature air/water-cooling. Contestants that never overclocked before will have to pass through a workshop first to be taught the basics (free). Then only they can qualify and compete. Overclockers of the Extreme and Elite leagues at HWBOT are NOT ALLOWED in this competition. Overclockers that already participated to live OC competitions in the past are NOT ALLOWED. This competition is for the “new guys”, the limitations mentioned above are here to not spoil them the fun.

6 – Do I need a ticket to compete in the World Series for Amateurs?

Again this depends on which tour stop you are planning to attend due to official access restrictions:

  • North America at LanETS: No ticket needed, any LanETS participant of visitor can join
  • Europe at Gamers Assembly: Only GA gamers or “Air BenchSpot” ticket holder are allowed.
  • Asia: No ticket needed.

7 – I don’t have any LN2 gear, but I’d love to lean. What should I do?

Best is to simply grab yourself a BenchSpot ticket, discuss with local overclockers and you will definitely find someone that will be able to share some gear with you, or allow you to bench with him.

8 – Is there going to be more events ?

I’ve received many suggestions of other possible stop locations. Pretty much everywhere in the US, and in addition places in Europe. Right now our focus are these three events, but we are keen on hearing out all propositions. We may consider those for next year! (wink)

9 – I can’t attend, how can I follow what is going on?

At each Tour stop, our friends at OverClocking-TV will be streaming live. They will host live debates, discussions, Q&As and report from the competition finals (for the amateurs) and keep track of the World Series submissions. Make sure to follow the latest news on the site.

If you have any more questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a message below!

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