Overclocker in Profile: An Interview with Dancop

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Overclocker in Profile: An Interview with Dancop

Author: Timothée Pineau and SDougal

After his recent surge to the top of the Overclockers League, we look him up for an interview. Dancop took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some of our questions.

HWBOT: Hi Dancop. Could you please introduce yourself.

Dancop: My real name is Daniel Schier, and my online handle is Dancop. It was the first Need for Speed title with the word cops in it! Therefore my nickname became Dancop – a symbioses between Daniel and Cop. I’m married, have three children and two dogs. I’m fighting for Team Hardwareluxx and PRO OC EU. I am living in Sinsheim, Germany. Soccer fans will know it as the home of Hoffenheim.

HWBOT: Can you tell us your OC story? How you got started and how you got to the point you are at today?

Dancop: My first dry ice experience was on the 7th of June 2013 and my first taste LN2 benching was on the Freeocen session on the 24th of June 2013. First of all there were Roman (Der8auer) and Andi (Benchbros) who “forced” me in to it. These two guys had been following my work in the enthusiast league for several years. In the end, I was becoming pretty good in there. Then Andi started persuading me – initially without success, but one day Roman visited me for a regular meeting. What a surprise?!?!?! He brought a pot, and dry ice! I asked what it is was for. He asked me to try it, and here I am! Before that I was a great fan of Vince (K|ngp|n)! He was the real initiator that got me into overclocking! Thanks to him I entered the enthusiast league at HWBOT. Today we still write a lot and I think you could say we are good virtual friends due to the fact that we have never actually met each other!

HWBOT: You’ve done exceptionally well lately and grown to be the best in your country and also the top of your league. How did that happen? What was your strategy, and how much work did it take?

Dancop: That’s pretty easy. After I bought 62 4770Ks and 24 4790Ks, the 63rd 4770K turned out to be platinum silicon! I had only showed two good results and Smoke said ‘with this chip, you should be first!’ So my mission was clear. If someone from the top says something like this, I thought I should try and go for it and focused on all the legacy benchmarks! You asked me about the amount of work, well, actually I’m running benchmarks on cold at least twice every week and I am very tired, not least because my day job and my family take plenty of energy too!

HWBOT: What is your bench area like? What is your bench routine?

Dancop: It is a small room, full of packages and hardware – too messy to show, but I think maybe I can show you one picture.

HWBOT: You are part of the Hardwareluxx team. Is it also your go-to place to talk OC with German overclockers? What is your role with Hadwareluxx?

Dancop: For Hardwareluxx I am the team captain with Andi. Hardwareluxx is more or less a forum to find hardware and discuss the usual things with non-overclockers. Currently we are trying to inspire some newcomers like Rick, who did a great job in his first season!

HWBOT: Where do you see the Team / Forum community going in the near f-ture? What are the trends?

Dancop: If you mean the Hardwareluxx Team, it could be very hard to get more active members for HWBOT. But as I said, we’re working on it!

HWBOT: In your opinion, who are the driving forces behind overclocking today?

Dancop: Competitions, competitions, fun, and a hell of a lot more fun. Did I mention competitions?

HWBOT: Now that you’ve reached the “ultimate goal” what’s next? How do you see yourself in the future? Perhaps as a public figure for overclocking?

Dancop: I just do what I enjoy doing. Right now I’m looking forward to Broadwell! Then there are some other things I’d like to achieve, like 310K in 3DMark03 and so on.

HWBOT: For those aspiring to become like you, what are the responsibilities and duties that come with a rise to the top?

Dancop: Application, diligence and effort. But the most important … by far the most important, is patience!

HWBOT: What would be your recommendation to those trying to be at the top of their league or looking up to you as source of inspiration?

Dancop: Keep pushing. In other words, when you think, you have got your hardware working at the edge of possibility … then you should try again, because it can always do more. Overclocking for me is a passion. Quite simply, when you see others doing the same with the same hardware … keep pushing until you’ve reached what you want to reach. For example during the Gigabyte Catzilla event, I wanted to see 43,000 in 720p, because I knew it was possible with a 780ti. So I wasted more than 120L of LN2, just to reach this!

HWBOT: Becoming a top overclocker usually means hardware support and sponsoring? What do you provide in exchange of the hardware you receive? Are you getting financial support to help pay for LN2?

Dancop: I try to provide world records and a bit of advertising in the Hardwareluxx forums. Financial support for LN2 (laughs) that would be my dream come true. Coolermaster started to support a team with LN2. I’d like to see this as a prize in competitions for example. The winner gets 1,000L for free … that would be awesome, I think. I could bench 1.5 months for free on that (smile).

HWBOT: 2014, was an extremely active year with over 90 competitions at HWBOT, among which we had some very high profile ones. Which competitions were the most challenging for you?


HWBOT: Regards overclocking in general and OC competitions, what do you expect from 2015?

Dancop: I expect more live events and gatherings. Just to meet all the crazy people more and more often!

HWBOT: In 2015 we will be separating the statistical overclocking (HWBOT) from the competition side (OC-ESPORTS) as a means of simplification for new comers. What other changes would you like to see?

Dancop: None! I’m fine with all your work! It was definitely not easy to do all that work!

HWBOT: Anything else you would like to say?

Dancop: Thanks for the interview!!!And keep pushing!

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