Total domination: Team EVGA also wins second round of F1OC

Total domination: Team EVGA also wins second round of F1OC

AndreYang's P55 32M

Again, just like last month, Team EVGA can uncork bottles of champagne after winning the second round of the prestigious F1-OC overclocking competition. After a month of 3D overclocking (3DMark Vantage), all competitors now had to push the brand new Intel P55 platform to its limits (and beyond) in the SuperPi 32M benchmark. Equiped with a Core i7 870 clocked at 5482MHz (+ 87%), using an Evga P55 SLI motherboard, AndreYang managed to pull off 6 minutes 45.171 seconds, which is, next to the winning F1-OC score, also the best Lynnfield 32M result in our database!


A more closer look at the ranking shows us that Team EVGA actually has a more comfortable lead than last month being the only team scoring under 7 minutes. Behind the Brawn GP of overclocking we see two interesting battles: one between Team Biostar and Team China, the other between Team DFI, Republic of Gamers and Team Finland. Three teams within 0.5 seconds of each other, that’s a very close finish!

The hardware used for this competition has to be available in retail, so for a P55 platform the choices are quite limited. The teams used: 8 x i7 870, 5 x i7 860 and 3 x i5 750. That this competition really embraces a lot of top-overclockers is very apparent when we look at the achievements of the overclockers with the processors used during this month’s stage:

2 x Gold: i5 750 and i7 870
2 x Silver: i5 750 and i7 860
2 x Bronze: i7 860 and i7 870
6 x Medal: i5 750, i7 860 and i7 870

Now the teams take a (very small) break before starting the next stage: Highest FSB!

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