8 Pack Breaks 3DMark 2001 SE World Record ... And Why We're Still Excited

8 Pack Breaks 3DMark 2001 SE World Record … And Why We’re Still Excited

By SDougal

What makes a classic benchmark a true classic? Well, there are mathematical-based benchmarks like Super Pi that will never change and arguably never die out, but there are some that overclockers keep coming back to again and again. Take a benchmark like Futuremark’s 3DMark2001 SE, originally released in way back in 2002 it remains a benchmark that overclockers are still eager to conquer, with a new world record set by current No.1, the UK’s 8Pack last week.

There are arguments that would denigrate this kind of submission. Arguments that we should move on and focus on the newer benchmarks that support the latest technologies, APIs and generally make more sense in 2014. Some might argue that a GPU benchmark app that came out twelve years ago supporting DX8.1 has ceased to be relevant for some time now. It’s no longer supported by Futuremark, a company that have since released no less than six newer generations of 3D testing software.
The above arguments may make logical sense for regular folk, but the global OC scene, they kind of miss the point of overclocking, a sport driven by an irrational (and perhaps even slightly pig-headed) desire to have your name at the top of a table … especially a World Record submission table.

Let’s look at the numbers. Since HWBOT.org was spawned into existence in 2006, the site has seen more 58,000 submissions for 3DMark2001 SE. Sure, most of these are results from the early (good old?) days, but here’s a thing – in the last month alone we have seen 287 submissions, with 65 of them coming in the last week.

This is not a case of rabid nostalgia, but more a case of new hardware and OC techniques being employed by Elite overclockers who a) are continually trying to sniff out new world records, and b) enjoy revisiting older benchmarks just for the hell of it. The will to compete and succeed is alive and well in the current Elite OC tier where this week have recently seen 8Pack, Smoke and TeamAU battle it out for 3DMark01 SE global supremacy.

At the top of the 3DMark 2001 leader-board we have seen the above mentioned Elite OC players vie for top spot armed with Nvidia GTX 780 Ti cards and a new breed of motherboards sporting the new Z97 chipset.

3DMark 2001 SE is indeed a classic benchmark and one that will doubtless continue to be contested for years to come. Just as a reminder as to why these scores continue to bested year after year, check out this submission photo from TeamAU taken at the GIGABYTE OC Lab – tell me these guys aren’t having fun!

Finally… Congrats to 8Pack and the new World Record!

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