Top benchers make a statement in ES discussion

Top benchers make a statement in ES discussion

It has been going on for quite some time now, but still no one really knows how to solve the big issue regarding the super samples of Core i7 and Phenom-II technology seeded by Intel and AMD. In the Hwbot forums, different point of views have already been posted, more than a few opinions have been shared and a large set of arguments have been used to explain why results obtained with the so-called cherry samples should be allowed or not on Hwbot, or in any overclocking competition for that matter.

In any case, two nordic overclockers have made a strong statement by removing their results obtained with super Phenom II samples, given to them by AMD. Sampsa and Elmor are the two top overclockers who have explicitly asked users not to use their super samples to be used in Hwbot by removing multiple scores which cost them respectively 34 and 13 places in the overclockers league.

As the discussion is still going on about how the Hwbot team should be dealing with these results, I would like to call out again to the Intel and AMD representatives who are seeding these samples to step up and work together with Hwbot to resolve this problem. In any case, for those who want to ventilate their opinion or help to figure out a working solution for this problem, post here:


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