JunkDogg (Australia) and Nvidiaforever2 (France) New Rookie Rumble Kings!

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JunkDogg (Australia) and Nvidiaforever2 (France) New Rookie Rumble Kings!

The Rookie Rumble competitions are an incredible success. With a combined total of 1077 benchmark results submitted by 380 Rookie overclockers in the past three weeks, we have never seen such great activity during a Rumble. The competitions are getting tougher and the scores are getting better too, which means that the Rookies are learning fast and are more than ready for a step up to the Novice or Enthusiast League. In the latest editions, we celebrate JunkDogg and Nvidiaforever2’s victories and crown them to the new Kings of the Rookies!

Rookie Rumble #7: Nvidiaforever2 (France) Wins!

We don’t have to explain the concept of the Rookie Rumble anymore. It’s a simple competition featuring three stages limited to only the Rookie overclockers. The competition lasts for only three weeks and there’s one week between each Rumble. The Rookie Rumble #7 ran from July 5 until July 26 and featured the typical benchmarks: XTU, HWBOT Prime and SuperPI 1M. In the multi-threaded benchmark stages, the participants are ranking by score per core so all processors, ranging from single to hexa-core, have a chance of competing.

In the latest Rumble, we saw a total domination from Nvidiaforever2. The French overclockers managed a perfect score of 150 points with his Core i7 4790K and Pentium G3258 setups. In particular the Core i7 4790K clocked incredibly well, reaching 5GHz in XTU with water cooling. Soorena from Iran finished second overall with 108 points and Electron Libre, also from France, finished third with 105 points.

Congratulations to everyone!

Rookie Rumble AMD #4: JunkDogg (Australia) Wins!

For each normal Rumble we also have a special AMD edition to accommodate the AMD overclocking enthusiasts as in the normal Rumbles Intel hardware is dominating the rankings. The competition features a different set of benchmarks since XTU is an Intel-only benchmark and AMD is not particularly strong at SuperPI. For the AMD Rumbles we use CPU percentage overclock, Cinebench R11.5 and HWBOT Prime.

The winner of the last AMD Rumble is JunkDogg from Australia scoring 119 points with a Sempron 145 overclocked 54% to about 4.3GHz. JunkDogg won the HWBOT Prime stage and finished second in the Cinebench R11.5 stage. The runner up of the competition is S-mars7078, representing Chile, scoring 114 points and the second runner up is Northsys from Hungary with 103 points.

Congratulations everyone!

Lucky Draw Winners and the Next Rumbles

The Lucky Draw winners of the past Rookie competitions are Randyenergy from South Africa for this submission and IFeelYou from Lithuania for this submission. The winners will be contacted shortly.

The next Rumbles start next Saturday and the lucky draw prizes are sponsored again by Cooler Master. Good luck everyone! For more information of the Rookie Rumbles, check the links below.

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