Your Good Deed of the Week: Recruit a Rookie!

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Your Good Deed of the Week: Recruit a Rookie!

With the introduction of the new Overclocker Leagues, the Rookie overclockers now have a prominent place in the HWBOT community. The Rookies have always existed, but only recently surfaced via the Rookie Rumble competitions. The Rookie Rumble is a competition only for Rookies – the overclockers who have been at the site for 3 months or less. Every month we see new record highs of Rookies joining the site, but where will the Rookies learn the tricks of overclocking? Time to recruit the Rookies!

How Rookies Integrate Today

It is hard to face the facts sometimes, but we know we have to accept that not every living soul on this planet loves overclocking as you, me and everyone else here at HWBOT. Most of the Rookies arrive out of “OC curiosity”, but need further encouragement to become a true overclocking enthusiast. We try to engage the newcomers via the Rookie Rumble competitions. On average about 350 Rookies participate in this 3-week lasting competition. In the Rookie League we currently have 2,500 people competing. Competing, in this sense, means they have submissions which generate points.

We had a look in the database to check how many Rookies were “fully integrated” in the overclocking community. Fully integrated means that the Rookie is not only active (“points”), but is also part of an overclocking team.

Considering the top-100 of the Rookie League, we see that 63% (!) are currently flying solo. Only 37 out of the 100 best Rookies are already enlisted by a Team. Considering all the rookies at the moment, only 10% of Rookies are engaged in a team. That’s quite low and seems like a great opportunity for teams to find new blood.

Here’s a list of the top 10 most Rookie-friendly overclocking teams.

PC Games Hardware18
Team MLG13
Overclockers Australia (OCAU)5
Team Russia4
Benchmarkhardware.com4 is the community which is engaging the most Rookies at HWBOT with 34 enlisted in the team. Kudos!

5 Reasons why you should recruit Rookies

So why would you recruit a Rookie in the first place? Here are 5 great reasons why:

1 – Fresh Blood

Fresh Blood is what keeps your team healthy and motivated. New members come with fresh ideas, ambition and it’s the same newbie spirit we all once had.

2 – Urge to Be Noticed

New community members always want to become part of the family and usually want to engage with the exiting members. One way to get noticed is by being active right from the start. Submit your results, and improve your results on a consistent basis. Harness the Rookie spirit and help them grow as an overclocker. Foster the talents.

3 – Create noise

Rookies can be very passionate. If not introduced to OC by an existing member, they’ve came all the way from downloading by themselves a benchmark, register, enter the competition and join a team. Rookies are enthusiasts and love hardware. If they want to talk about overclocking and your team, allow them to!

4 – Social Wireframe and Competitions

For overclocking, teams are the most valuable social bonds. To inspire teams, each year we organize the Team Cup which a competition for Teams only. Competitions like this require a lot of manpower to cover all stages. What about an army of Rookie to lead your team to victory? But be wise – recruit the right guys!

5 – Further and beyond

Overclocking is one thing, but there is more to this eSport than just sitting in front of your screen. Teach, learn, meet and together you can achieve great things. Recruiting a Rookie is the first step that will spark a chain of reactions within your team. Give it a try and be creative.

So how about you? Has your team recruited a few Rookies lately – Does your team has an existing recruitment program?


Belgium Massman says:

Let us know if you have a Rookie recruitment program. We can spread the message!

United States VSG says:

What about us poor novices? :)

United Kingdom Jumper118 says:

i've recruited a few people from linus tech tips over the past few months. one of them one a rookie rumble with a sempron :P

Belgium Massman says:

VSG said: What about us poor novices? :)

Recruit a Rookie, Nurture a Novice?

United Kingdom ObscureParadox says:

Massman said: Recruit a Rookie, Nurture a Novice?

Enhance the extreme?

South Africa Vivi says:

Endorce the elite :D. Will recruit some rookies asap!

United States Strong Island says:

this is a great idea. it's not easy being a newcomer sometimes. I bet a lot of people are pushed away. I almost was but I love it too much to stop.

Belgium Massman says:

I hear you, Strong Island. From a Rookie/newcomer perspective, is there anything we can do additionally to help facilitate the welcoming?

United States Strong Island says:

well I think the rookie and novice leagues are a great idea. It's a great way to integrate people into the community. I think recruiting a rookie is a nice idea because it will make the rookies feel more comfortable to ask questions and try and learn.

It's funny because some people say they want overclocking to grow but then are hesitant to embrace a newcomer which will only push people away.

I also shouldn't have jumped right into the pro oc cup.

Having these additional extra steps to get integrated into the community is an awesome idea to gain more overclockers.

Australia newlife says:

To any rookies or novices from Australia or NZ OCAU is always looking for new members and is open to everyone. Just let yourselves known here as we have a very active team that is always willing to help with any oc problems you may

Spain Mameluco says:

In Benchmarkhardware, just try to explain at rookies. As article say, not everybody born learned;
So with our help, we hope plant the seed and try to to increase his overclocking interest in Spain.

France Xyala says:

A good source of information for the rookies about how to submit in benchmarks are these videos:


Working on adding subtitles with the help of the community, if some are up to contribute, here is the topic:

Canada Slaughter says:

strong island 1 said: It's funny because some people say they want overclocking to grow but then are hesitant to embrace a newcomer which will only push people away.

This pretty well hit the nail on the head. There are some benchers who are more than willing to help out but not everyone is. It is very easy to become discouraged when trying to learn and nobody is willing to help.

The Rookie Rumble is definitely a great step in the right direction along with the Rookie / Novice leagues. It puts most benchers on a level playing field and allows them to build up the confidence to keep pushing for more.

Belgium Massman says:

Small update on the teams with the most Rookies.

23 PC Games Hardware
14 Cowcotland
13 Team MLG
7 Republic of Clocker
6 Team Russia
4 Middle Earth
4 Overclockers Australia (OCAU)

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