Following Up On Forum Discussion: Which Memory Vendor Leads Overclocking?

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Belgium Massman says:

Thanks for the write-up, Tim!

United States The_Animator says:

That was a pretty interesting read. Thanks for posting!

Brazil dr_manhattan_br says:

This just confirm what i already have seen around.
G.Skill has a better OC capability than other brands.
But what is most impressive is the story of G.Skill brand. From Taipei to the world. A company started at 89 with enthusiasts now can manufactory the fastest memories in the market today.
Congrats G.Skill!

Australia Dinos22 says:

well done G.Skill

Romania Monstru says:

So I had some good ideas after all :)

United Kingdom Jumper118 says:

Avexir is beast. i can't afford rapid gskill :(

Canada Trouffman says:

I love this kind of analysis :) it's like : checking the facts !

Also I would be very interested to see représentation of such shares over certain period of time, because OCZ is n longer producing DRAM, but does it have some steady results or this is due to a very large amount of submission in the first place.

aso when it says : Other, it is really ; Other and non specified. :D

Brazil gnidaol says:

What about XTU top 100? or HWBOT prime top 100? (4 and 6 cores)
It would be some interesting data as well :)

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