Kjburto and Harrynowl New Rookie Champions!

Kjburto and Harrynowl New Rookie Champions!

Right at the start of Computex we wrapped up our two latest Rookie Rumbles. The newly crowned Rookie Champions are Kjburto from the USA and Harrynowl from the UK. Harrynowl in particular dominated his competition scoring 141 out of the 150 available points with his Sempron 145 clocked at 4.4GHz. Our two lucky winners are Ayiphelmy from Indonesia for this result and Northsys from Hungary for this result. Congratulations to everyone!

In the Rookie Rumble #5 – a competition open to all brands – the wins for XTU, HWBOT Prime and Super PI 1M went to respectively Kjburto, Northsys and Flop. It’s always nice to see multiple people competing at the top of the ranking. Kjburto clocked his Core i7 4770K to almost 5GHz to reach the top position, using a Maximus VI Formula and water cooling. From the looks of it, he was actually overclocking in his living room! Check out the first image below. Flop went a step further and used ice water to cool down his Core i7 3770K to 5.5GHz on an ASRock Z77 OC Formula. You can find the image below … pretty need looking setup. The most interesting setup is probably the one of Northsys who used an ancient Core 2 E7400 clocked at 4.1GHz. Per core this old CPU is faster than the Haswell CPUs, making it an optimal choice for this type of competition. There’s also an image below.

Below are the top-10 rankings of the Rookie Rumble and the Rookie Rumble for AMD. For more information refer to the links below as well. The new Rumbles start at the end of this week!


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