AndreYang hits second place in overclockers league

AndreYang hits second place in overclockers league

Well known overclocker AndreYang hits second place in the overclockers league. He has raised in rankings like a rocket in past months.

This kind of jump is not abnormal, but this one really deserves to be noticed by the community.

In the latest runs Andre used a Intel Xeon W3540 (D0 stepping) CPU. He told in the Xtremesystems forums, that this latest chip is the third he have tested. This golden CPU hits speeds up to 5.5Ghz in 3D benchmarks. Andre told in the XS forums, that he have ordered 12 more Xeons for testing. We will see in the future, what will be the outcome of this very expensive “handpicking”. Luckily some people are able to do this kind of stuff and we can enjoy the results.

You can read more from XS.

Will Andre beat the current king of overclocking k|ngp|n ? I think both of these guys are ready for that battle and it will be the show of the year 2009.

Congratulations AndreYang!

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