K|ngp|n hits 1600

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K|ngp|n hits 1600


That K|ngp|n broke another world record is for most of us pretty much the same as saying that man needs food to survive: it comes as natural. However, it’s actually not that normal to break a world record, especially in a benchmark and overclocking scene as big as it is now: with the right gear, a lot of people are able to play at the top of the rankings.

Nevertheless, K|ngp|n’s profile has an impressive list of cups and awards:  7 golden, 3 silver and 3 bronze cups, which actually means that our current Hwbot league leader has top 3 places in 13 of the 19 Hwbot suite benchmarks! Thanks to this overall domination, K|ngp|n has been able to surpass the 1600 points barrier which is -not that surprisingly- another record; no overclocker has been able to do this before.

As a member of the Hwbot crew, I cannot else than hope this overclocker is already looking up: 1700 points is also within reach!


(PS: also check out the fierce battle between SF3D and Hipro5 for the second place. Yes, K|ngp|n’s result have an effect on this battle as well!)


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