New kid on the block - Vivi throws himself in the game

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New kid on the block – Vivi throws himself in the game

Well, no, he’s not technically a new kid since Vivi has been competing in last year’s edition of Gigabyte’s GOOC 2008, but it’s certainly one of the first times we actually see him on top of the benchmark rankings. Just today, the South-African youngster broke the Pifast world record and now set the bar to 14.23s, which only is 0.04 seconds faster than the Italian overclocker Fogna.



That’s not the end … with his superb overclocking C2D E8600, 6.6GHz and higher, he managed to tie Gradus’ 6.797s SuperPi 1M run, meaning that he now holds the 3rd spot on the world ranking.


Because of these massive scores, the youngster managed to jump 42 places, now ranked 49th, right under … ehrm … Massman. So, what I’m trying to say is …

*runs away to pick up LN2*



Belgium Massman says:

Scheduled this post for Throwback Thursday on social media. During the World Tour in South Africa we heard a really interesting story about this CPU.

@Vivi, please share! :D

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