Interview With Wizerty, Top Overclocker From France

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Interview With Wizerty, Top Overclocker From France

Not so long ago, Wizerty succeeded in becoming the #1 overclocker in the HWBOT Overclockers League, beating Vivi from South Africa by a minimum amount of points. Within twenty-four hours Vivi reconquered the throne, but nevertheless we admire Wizerty’s motivation and passion for overclocking. Reason enough for us to ask him a couple of questions.

Q: Hello Wizerty, can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

A: Hello everyone! My name is Jean-Michel Tisserand, but most of the people know me under my nickname Wizerty (or “Wiz”). I live in a small town in the East of France.

Q: Last year, you participated to your first professional live competition in Russia for the AOOC. How did you end up doing overclocking, what is your story?

A: Everything started when I was student. At that time I didn’t have a lot of money to start overclocking, but I was looking with envy the news about it. A couple of years later, my first job lead to purchasing my first rig. The configration was rather modest, but enough to catch the overclocking virus.

I started with an AMD CPU because it was financially accessible at this time. My first cooling choice was water-cooling but I was introduced to liquid nitrogen at a local “bench party”(*). Being competitive by nature I always set targets for myself. I still remember the day I entered the top-1000 of the Overclockers League. That was a very proud moment for me! With perseverance, I ended up in the top-500 and a few months later even in the top-100. Eventually I started benching 3D and nowadays it’s what I prefer most, really. At the time I was missing one element to really push things further: “cold”. It wasn’t easy to find LN2 here in France, but once I had it things really kicked off for me.

I am on HWBOT since 4 years now and I don’t count how many graphics cards, CPUs and memory kits died while trying to improve my results. Meanwhile, passion and motivation are still here and I always find a new result to aim for.

(*) a bench party looks a lot like a LAN-party, but targeted at overclocking

Q: Last week, you were at the first position on the Overclockers League. How did you get it?

A: Being number 1 isn’t just a “one day of work” achievement. It takes a lot of time, hard work and devotion because you need to accumulate thousands of points on different benchmarks. It was already a few months that I was achieving new best scores that gave me quite a lot of points – and so a solid base. Especially on graphics cards like HD3870, HD4850, 8800GT… which bring a lot of points when you have the best score. Meanwhile those cards are very accessible and a lot of overclockers are using it. One of the overclockers I think has really good skills is Sofos1990, the current number 3 of the Overclockers League.

When we are almost at the top it becomes more difficult to acquire more points. You really need to be dedicated and push your limits.

One night, a couple of weeks ago, I benched Unigine Heaven DX11 with a Radeon R9 290X and I achieved a new world record. This gained me hundreds of additional points. That really was the trigger and felt my time was finally coming! It was two o’clock in the morning and I had to wake up at 7am for work, but the challenge was too great to give up right now.

I changed quickly my frozen setup to prepare another one. I just needed a few hundred extra points to beat Vivi. Ten minutes later I got a new world record for HWBOT Prime and I knew the first position was almost here. But as time passed by I started running low on liquid nitrogen. I decided to change rig again and tried a Radeon HD4870, but the results were not good enough. I had the feeling that everything was lost with only 2 liters of LB2 left in the tank. The next delivery would only come in two weeks! – damn! But at 5AM, revelation! I hit a new world record on CineBench R11.5 with my Core i7 4930K. I was Number 1, my dream became reality. I went to bed a proud man, and woke up only one hour later to start the working day.

Q: You’re the French overclocker to become the Overclocking King – what do you think of this performance?

A: Even if it was for few hours, I am damn proud of it! It was my goal ever since I entered the top-3 more than a year ago. Now I am second again but I can say that I have been the first of this league. It’s also a good recognition for the French overclocking community, I think. We try to push overclocking in France as much as possible with our team, Klan-OC. At the moment, we have 2 French overclockers in the top-10: StrategosSan and myself. That has been a long time (maybe never before)! We also see that some new French overclockers are joining us. For example: Radi, Doc.Brown, cruzen, mcnico63, baxxx, dx4picco (and others. One day we hope they reach the same heights in the Overclockers League.

Q: How do you see things evolve in the future?

A: That’s a tricky question. I have been focused on that Number One position for so long now and I can tell you I am not ready to give up yet!

Q: Do you think that your position in the Overclockers League will increase the support from the industry?

A: Most of the hardware that we use, we buy with our own money. You know, overclocking asks for a lot of investments. Whether time or money, when you want to be at the top both are part of what it takes. During my first three years of doing overclocking, I didn’t have any support from the industry. Our efforts are beginning to pay off though as for example ASUS, EK Water Blocks, Corsair, Kingston and some others are now giving me some support. That’s great. But we still have to spend a lot of money on for example the CPU, graphics cards, and of course LN2. I spend on average EUR €100 per month on nitrogen.

I don’t think my first place in the Overclockers League will change anything with regards to the support I get. But I hope our efforts and good results will continue to pay and maybe help to participate to some big overclocking competitions.

We hope so too! Thanks for the interview and good luck battling for the #1 in the Overclockers League!

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