Interview With Wizerty, Top Overclocker From France

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Belgium Massman says:

Nice interview

Australia robbo2 says:

Stayed up till 5am to get the number one spot with work at 7am haha love that dedication

Australia Jimba says:

great interview!

dedication is the key to success!

Netherlands Ingsoni says:

Cool Story

Germany nfszocker says:

Nice job bro;)

France Martin White says:

Fais-nous encore rêver Wiz :D
Et encore bravo pour ta première place.

Germany der8auer says:

Good read :)

Montenegro Perica_barii says:

Great interview, and congrats on top spot, well deserved....

Canada Trouffman says:

Love this kind of back story to get to the top spot :) NOw i would love to see ViVi`s reaction :D

France Wizerty says:

LN2 re-fill.... can fight again :)

FlanK3r says:

Nice interview, I understand about HW support...Its hard in some countries...

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