Stummerwinter hits Top 3!

Stummerwinter hits Top 3!

It has been a while since we saw a major change at the top of the hwbot league table, but German overclocker Stummerwinter from the well-known Awardfabrik overclocking team managed to squeeze past SF3D and become third after Hipro5 and K|ngp|n. Remarkably, it’s not because of dominating the rankings of newer benchmarks, but because of mastering the skill of the older benchmarks: 3DMark01, Aquamark, PiFast and SuperPi.


The top of the Hwbot overclockers league is getting more and more exciting. Whereas in the past, only the top three or four had a personal score over 1000 points, the first eight now have passed this barrier! We can’t wait for more people to go past this barrier and see an even more fierce battle at the top.


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