One and a Half Million Points - The GeForce GTX 580 (GPU) and Core i7 3770K (CPU) Most Valuable

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Christian Ney says:

Wolfdale represent!

United Kingdom borandi says:

All I see is a blank page?

TaPaKaH says:

Can you collect similar stats for TPP, please? :)

United States [GF]Duke says:

Nice chart. I like the fact that it is searchable. At first I was scrolling around trying to find hardware I have. It was bugging out my eyes. Then I found the search box.

Nice compilation.

Netherlands henkenator68NL says:

This is some classic data minig! You did a very nice job in boiling it down to chewable portions.

Your findings are very interesting. I have digging arround a lot lately, trying to comprise a database of hat holds your personal and preferably hardware lists, and every bench data that is altered, tweaked or whatever may come at hand.

My goal is to build it and have as many people as possible join the database so eventually we might end up with loads of data, and lots of options to combine things, and you tips/tweaks/settings from your fellow benchers.

Currently I am testing an auto importer that pulls data from a custom report created by AIDA64. IF anyone would like to help,,, drop me a message, cause I need test reports, to see if the importer functions with as much different hardware as possible.

Hope i didn't steal thiss thread because that was not the intention.

Anyway, very nice job you have done. Thanks

I will have a look at the google docs.

Belgium Massman says:

Sam OCX said: Can you collect similar stats for TPP, please? :)

If I can find where those points are stored - yes.

Belgium Massman says:

Sam OCX said: Can you collect similar stats for TPP, please? :)

Okay, I can collect them but currently not make a separation between HTPP and GTPP. Is that okay too?

Australia bob(nz) says:

Interesting stats!! Might need to roll out the old hardware :)

United States Schmuckley says:

Thank you so much for compiling that! Bookmarked :D

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