One and a Half Million Points - The GeForce GTX 580 (GPU) and Core i7 3770K (CPU) Most Valuable

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One and a Half Million Points – The GeForce GTX 580 (GPU) and Core i7 3770K (CPU) Most Valuable

Author: Pieter-Jan Plaisier

The weekend started rainy here in Taipei, Taiwan. Perfect weather to engage in an afternoon of random data-mining. I stumbled on an old excel data sheet containing a list of hardware items ranked by the amount of hardware points for the top spots per benchmark category. I updated the list and found out that the GeForce GTX 580 and the Core i7 3770K are the most valuable in terms of hardware points! And there’s more … (continue reading)

Plenty of points and categories

“HWBoints” is the collective term for all points at HWBOT. For benchmark submissions we can separate three types of points: WR points, global points and hardware points. The WR and global points are based on the overall benchmark rankings, whereas hardware points can be earned in every hardware/benchmark class. There are 83 benchmarks at HWBOT, of which 22 generate both global and hardware points. 6 only generate hardware points. The hardware database is a lot bigger. There are about 2700 CPUs and 1400 GPUs in the database. Some of them can also be put in multi-CPU or multi-GPU configuration. So as you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to earn points.

In the data-mining today, we focused mainly on the hardware points. If we count all the available hardware classes for CPU and GPU models – including only those which generate hardware points – we find that there are slightly over 30,000 categories. The amount of hardware points combining all the results in all the categories is … slightly over 1.5 Million. Yes, you read that correct! There are 2,5x more CPU categories than there are GPU categories, but it seems the amount of points you can earn with one graphics card is very similar to the points you can earn with one processor.

Most Valuable: Core i7 3770K and GeForce GTX 580

As I mentioned in the opening paragraph, I compiled a list of which hardware categories are the most popular (and thus generate most points). To do so I took the top score of each category and listed the hardware points of that submission. The highest the points for the number one score, the more people are active in that category. Note that we define the hardware category based on the benchmark, the amount of cores and of course the hardware item. The minimum amount of points for a number one score is – assuming the owner doesn’t disable points – 2.0pts. The maximum score is 49.9pts. If we then group that table per hardware item, we get a list of the total amount of points a single hardware item can generate across the entire HWBoints benchmark suite.

For processors we see that the most valuable processor is the Core i7 3770K. Having the golden cup in each of the CPU benchmarks will yield you 467.1 hardware points. The second most valuable processor is also Intel; it’s the Core i7 2600K and it has a total available points (“TAP”) of 425.8 points. In fact the entire top-10 consists of Intel CPU. Note that this list is based on the submissions made by the members of the HWBOT community. That means the lack of AMD processors at this value list is simply because the processors are less popular. For those who wonder, the most valuable AMD processor is the Phenom II X4 955 BE which is rated at 278.1 points.

Looking at the graphics cards, we find the GeForce GTX 580 at the top of the table with 438.9 combined hardware points. In contrary to the processor list, we can find plenty of AMD graphics cards in this list. Second place is for the Radeon HD 7970 with 415.3 points – only slightly lower than the GTX 580. Another interesting fact is that the multi-GPU configurations can yield quite a lot of points as well. For example, the most valuable dual GPU configuration is 2x GeForce GTX 580. With this combination you can earn up to 242.2 points. This is completely different for the processors as the most valuable dual CPU configuration, 2x Core 2 Extreme QX9775, has a combined value of only 37.2 hardware points. It’s quite amazing that even 3x Radeon HD 5870 can still yield you 114.2 hardware points.

The “Two-Bointers” and The 49.9 Categories

Knowing how many hardware points a certain hardware item can generate is certainly interesting, but I think most of you want to figure out which specific categories will yield you the most points. As you’d expect, there are only a few categories where are rewarded with 49.9 points for the top score. Twenty-one (21) to be precise. The vast majority of the hardware categories are of the type we like to call “two-bointers”. For GPUs there are 7,074 of such categories; for CPUs even 19,068! That totals to 45,000+ hardware points in the two-bointer classes. Good luck, hardware grinders!

The distribution of the points leans very much towards the two-bointer categories. If we compare the sum of the points for those categories with 49.9pts and compare it to those with only 2pts, we see that for CPUs this ratio is 1/7. For GPUs the ratio is slightly better at 2/3. For those who have troubles with math, that means there are about 50% more points to be earned in GPU 2pts categories than there are to be earned in the 49.9pts categories. If we group the data, we get a better overview of the situation. About 13% of the hardware points are earned in categories where the top score yields 40 points or more. Almost half of the points go to the two-bointer categories.

Do Your Own Analysis

Of the 1.5M points, 1.3 million are hardware points. The current Hardware King – the best of the Hardware Masters League – is Tapakah and he has close to 14,000 hardware points. That means he only has a fraction of the total available points (“TAP”). There are plenty of points left for everyone else. If you want to do your own research on what hardware to acquire for HWBoint-hunting, use can find the raw data in the following Google Docs:

It would be very interesting to tie in the data from the spreadsheets linked above to the price on eBay. Which hardware has the best price per boint ratio? Let us know in the forum!

Enjoy the data and have a nice weekend!

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