hwbot development - weekly update

hwbot development – weekly update

A set of new features have been implemented during this weeks development track. Some of them were long awaited, like the ability to pre-populate the submission form based on previous submissions, or team captain tools in order to ban team members from their team, or make a password mandatory when joining the team. Features are chosen every weekend by crew and VIP members, and the completed features are installed every (at the last) Sunday.

Auto-populate submission form

Auto populater submission form
Tired from entering your same system specs over and over again? You now have the option to prepopulate the submission form based on one of your previous submissions. Everything but your score and verification img/url will be copied from your previous submission.

Videocard top 100

videocard top 100
Just like processors, the videocard info page now also offers links to the top 100 submissions with that videocard.

Team banning

Ability to ban user.
Team captains can now ban users if they are no longer wanted in the team. The member will be removed from the team, and will not be able to rejoin the team unless the ban is manually lifted.

Team registration options

Team registration options.
Team captains can now configure their team to be private, and prevent from unwanted members to join the team. A quick link to the register page for future team members is also available.

The hwbot crew

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